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Euc with 2000w motor max

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I was already sold on buying a ks s18 when I found out that in my country there is a 2kw limit in the nominal power for an euc to be legal (lol) or they can confiscate it. 

So... I don't know if a fake "2000w" sticker on the pedal could do the trick and save an s18... are there 2200w indicators on the wheel itself? 

But anyways, what's a great all rounder wheel at max 2k power? I do all, some street, some offroad and it must look good. Should I consider the Nikola +? 

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6 minutes ago, Eucner said:

Tesla V2, T3, Nikola, V10F and Z10 are all max 2000 W. Do you also have a max speed limitation in Italy?

The confiscation is only for the motor nominal power bigger then 2k. 

In that bunch of wheels I only like v10f and Nikola +... v10f seems very comfortable and looks great, but I'm concerned about the outdated battery cells and seems a bit overpriced for its specs... Nikola costs a little more but specs seems insanely higher to me! And I like the looks with that fancy whirlwind leds... I'm scared it could feel clunky though... 

Best buy in 2021 for you, to use in every condition? 

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