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How do I remove old wheels that I do longer own from the Inmotion app?


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I am on my third Imotion V10F due to various issues with the first two* but every time I open my Inmotion app it tries to connect to one of my other wheels that I do not even own anymore. How do I remove those from the app memory so that my current wheel is the one and only the app connects to on start-up?


*first one tipped over at walking speed and just died, second one started making horrible scrunching scratching noises after several rides on wet and salty roads - what I suspected to be bearing issues turned out to be insufficiently tightened screws in one pedal hanger so they let the shell rub against the motor side cover. The bearings were perfectly fine.

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for iPhone:

1. Load the app 

2. select vehicles tab (if you’re not on it already)

3. Before your wheel connects press ‘car management’

4. locate the device you want to remove 

5. Swipe left on the device —>delete

Dunno android, but I bet its something very similar

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Speaking of the Inmotion app, they need to figure something out about their servers. Or the app in general.

When their servers are down and/or you don’t have an internet connection, you cannot get into the app to connect to your wheel. This possibly accounts for the Bluetooth issues people complain about, albeit they’re not Bluetooth-related.

If for some reason this company goes out of business, you would have to use EUC World (Android) or DarknessBot (iOS) instead.

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