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Fast charging vs warranty


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17 minutes ago, P40lite said:


Whats your experience? I heard there are fast chargers from gotway etc. With those no problem? 

There exist no fast chargers for euc.

Manufacturers specifications of maximum charge current for currently used li ion cells is ~0.5C. So 2.5A per paralleled 21700 cell or 1.75A for the 3.5Ah 18650 cells.

With many/?most? Gw wheels beeing 4p 21700 a normal charger according to cell manufacturer specification would be some 4*2.5A = 10A charger.

So stock chargers (?1.5,2.5A?) are very slow chargers, 5A chargers are still slow. They are just faster than stock chargers...

The real fast chargers would with many wheels face problems with the used connectors, wires and maybe BMS input protection circuits not designed for such currents.

5A chargers impose no problem for any 4p wheel.

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If you are worried about the warranty there is a simple solution: just dont tell the seller or the manufacturer that you used a fast charger.

I bought a cheap 5A charger for my Inmotion V10F on amazon.com and it works just fine. The only problem was that it arrived with a GX16 plug, which looks exactly like the GX12 plug of the V10F, only scaled up. It was impossible to tell the size difference from the amazon picture <_<. I had to buy parts and solder together an adapter.

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