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Monster Boomerang is amazing


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An update on this Monster Boomerang as I couldn't resist a deal with a coupon + Amazon CC sign up for $48 all in. It came in today & I've been wearing/listening to this Boomerang paired to my Nvidia Shield TV & lappie all evening. Also cooked dinner with it on as well.

Unsurprisingly I can already surmise that this neckband speaker isn't optimum for EUCs nor esk8s or even cycling (leg power or otherwise). What with the road noise & ff helmet sound attenuation, its gonna make anything other than listening to EUC.W voice warnings & perhaps podcasts pointless. That & the fact the Boomerang moves around alot on the neck & easy falloff features don't make on-the-go tunes too viable. For me at least.

That said, I really like the Boomerang. It makes later evenings & nights TV watching with minimal noise pollution just about adequate to be enjoyable esp since the mids are right for speech. As expected, forget about deep bass or bottom slam as the tiny speakers aren't designed for that but overall sound is very clean & clear. In a quiet environment, it makes casual music delightful esp with a bit of eq.

Its also very comfortable & BT pairing is solid with good range. I can easily move around a 1200sq ft bungalow with the source at one end with no cutouts nor hiss/distortion. BT latency is minimal with no noticeable delays. Though it doesn't support multipoint pairing, switching btwn devices is easy, painless & quick. I deliberately switch btwn the Nvidia Shield TV, Chromebook lappie & cell for testing with no issues even once.

A shoutout & a thanks to @shellac for bringing this Monster Boomerang to my attention. For me it fills the space btwn earbuds & full size cans perfectly. Not perfect nor close to perfect but very enjoyable nonetheless.

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Just an update on this thing after using it for a couple months. 

I’ll agree with others here that the bass could be better. These are small drivers though so it’s about what I would expect. The JBL speaker mentioned by @Darrell Wesh probably would sound better but the larger form factor would be a drawback for me. I wouldn’t have any place to clip it to most of the time. 

Hopefully if Monster does a follow-up version of the Boomerang it will be with bigger drivers. The added weight would also help some people here feel more secure about it not falling off. 

To address @Scottie888 and others concerns, I have not had it fall off once in the last two months of street riding. I get why you would be concerned about it, just doesn’t seem to happen to me. 

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On 4/19/2021 at 8:41 PM, shellac said:


...concerns, I have not had it fall off once in the last two months of street riding. I get why you would be concerned about it, just doesn’t seem to happen to me. 

I don't doubt its likely my squirrelly fudgety neck that's causing the Boom' to move around even stationary in the livingroom. I think it'd move round on me even if I tuck it under a jacket but its always gonna be a YMMV on these cases.

On the good, I'm liking the Boom' more n more as I use it. Its great for TV & still enjoyable for tunes esp the low bit rate stuff on stream. Very clear & transparent but without the harshness & no sibilance to speak of. Nice to not have to use the ear heaters phones.

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Resurrecting a long-dead thread here... I just got a monster neckband myself today (they're on sale for $60 right now), and went on a journey around town to test it. Today was unseasonably chilly, so I was wearing a jacket which I am sure helped keep it locked in place. That said, even with the jacket muffling it slightly, I'm loving this thing. I can hear my music clearly, along with my surroundings, and I don't lose my jams if I take my helmet off (like when I stopped to get some num-nums).

Even with a helmet, during high winds (today has been especially windy), I was able to hear it clearly. At full volume it was almost TOO loud, even with a helmet. Even though others can hear it, it's far quieter to them because the speakers aren't right under their ears.

Plus the battery life on this thing is great. I was averaging about 75% volume and still had 80% battery after 2 full hours. 

I still need to test it without a jacket, but short of crashing/rough off-roading, I don't foresee it being an issue to keep around my neck.

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