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  1. Guess this is what he was referring to
  2. I agree it is just a tool but it’s misleading to blame “culture”. The gradual increase in violence, school shootings, etc over the years is due to social problems, that is to say obscene levels of inequality, people precariously living on the edge of disaster, and lack of access to mental health resources for this very stressful modern existence. Only those who are relatively well off can afford good regular mental healthcare here. I am in general OK with a society having guns, if it’s what the population really wants, but I’m not OK with Americans having guns in their current social sit
  3. That’s too bad that you deleted them. I don’t think you had any bad takes on the subject. Sometimes vitriol is justified.
  4. i’m pretty busy this weekend. i’d recommend joining the fb onewheel group and riding with them. there are EUCs too in the group.
  5. So chooch lets drop at the end of his video that once the next batch of the Sherman sells out, they will be moving on to a new iteration of the Sherman and not selling anymore until it’s out. Comment is around 9:40.
  6. Is someone able to program a couple bots to post the same arguments back and forth in this thread? I think it would save some people a lot of time and effort instead of doing it manually.
  7. hey @Jewel Becnel i’m in new orleans. there’s a couple other riders. there’s also a nola onewheel group with a couple eucs. we should definitely do a group ride.
  8. So just an update on my own situation. I got the new battery pack from ewheels. Replaced the previous one and ran the headlight some to bring the voltage closer to the opposite pack on the right. Both are now fully charged to 100.4V and the wheel rides fine as it before. The hardest part about the battery change was opening the top compartment. It was a real bitch because of the sealant inside and my own fear of breaking the thing. After a lot of cursing got it open and it was fine from there. Hopefully ewheels will do some diagnostics to figure out what happened with the battery p
  9. OK, I was hoping this topic would die off but this evx mourning is nonsense. First of all, the man wants clicks and is serving this video so he can have a dramatic comeback and increase his audience. Come on, he considers himself an “artist” and he’s simply not leaving like that. In terms of top content creators I would put hsiang, wrong way, and kuji in that category. Evx had good production values in his videos—in fact too good because at some point overly slick production makes the video feel inauthentic and corporate. As an EUC fan myself who watches a lot of yt I would tolerate
  10. I wonder if an EUC loophole exists there. Say instead of selling you your EUC, you technically rent it on a yearly basis from say speedyfeet, who also insures them. Initially you pay full price, and then yearly after that just enough to cover the insurance premium. If you ever stop renting it, you technically have to send it back to Ian but this will be unenforced, since you paid full price. Of course you won’t be road legal anymore. I’m not familiar with the fine print at all and I’m sure someone will chime in to tell me how this is not possible.
  11. @ShanesPlanetSo I can’t tell if you like the pedals or not. You say great product but seems they aren’t holding your feet as well as you’d expect? I know it’s hard to divorce the pedals from that shitty buying experience but what do you think about the pedals forgetting all of that? Is your control improved too or about the same? Was thinking of getting a pair myself but now I’m thinking maybe the stock is fine. If it’s not broken, why fix it and all that.
  12. Good question. On the sister pack is the board located closer to the center or more towards the front of the pack? If it’s towards the front then I guess they figure there is less force on that area, as it’s closer to the very front of the EUC where there’s a lot of side support, so less likely to compress.
  13. Manhattan has a lot of cameras everywhere. Hopefully they catch the cowardly piece of shit who hit her and ran away.
  14. It’s a food delivery service like doordash, for when you want that excellent authentic NY taste from the sbarro’s in Times Square. It’s typically delivered to you by a guy on an EUC screaming, running red lights, and riding in the wrong direction.
  15. So I don’t think there is foam between the battery pack and the side panel. Certainly mine doesn’t have it, and looking at a Marty Backe sherman video doesn’t looks like his does either. You can see the same grid pattern on his battery. Anyways hopefully mine was just a fluke and nothing recurs after the new battery.
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