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  1. I have zero experience with the V11, but given how high @Hsiang is riding on the pedals, i wonder if he had it overinflated and that contributed to launching him after he hit the pothole.
  2. I’m not saying don’t do it all, maybe go slow and wear a helmet. I would also agree that you need further testing. You could have something bad like a chronic subdural hematoma. If you get an outpatient head CT ordered through your PCP, or a neurologist, or possibly an Urgent Care center you can avoid a hefty ER copay for patients that are evaluated but not admitted. It’s always sad that you can recognize the Americans in here because they are worried about medical bills. edit: I see that you saw a doctor already and you’re getting better so that’s good. If you were my patient you’d be getting a head CT though.
  3. Reminder that the only known EUC death so far (AFAIK) was from a guy riding backwards It’s very dangerous https://electro.club/forum/drug_nasmert_razbilsya_na_monokolese
  4. what’s the point of the hex design? is that to reduce the weight of the pedals?
  5. I doubt it would need to be that large in size, probably just a couple pounds in weight. It would be an engineering challenge though to add that in addition to a suspension to an EUC form factor.
  6. All you need is a tuned mass damper like they have in cars. It would probably add a couple pounds to the overall weight. It would be part of a suspension system.
  7. What he says is the street tire is “too sensitive” with turning above 30 mph. It does indeed look like from the footage though that he gets more speed wobbles with the street tire. Any ideas why the knobby tire would make a difference with speed wobbles? Doesn’t seem to make sense empirically.
  8. I would like to see the addition of a tuned mass damper. This would nicely complement a wheel that already has suspension like the S18. Cars have this and it’s been tried in some motorcycles I believe. Basically it would prevent the dreaded speed wobbles and likely only add a couple pounds to the overall weight.
  9. Thanks, I did watch Vee's video. What she says makes sense. It's hard to do those things on instinct for me, I guess I don't have the experience under my belt yet. I do find that carving definitely helps to prevent any wobbles for me, just gotta remember to go into one when the shimmy starts.
  10. Well I crashed again, this time practicing strong power braking. My reasoning being I shouldn't go fast if I can't brake. I'm kind of embarrassed at this point. I was trying the method that @Rywokast suggested and everything was cool I was getting less braking wobbles. Rather than bending at the hip like before I was doing more of a digging in my heels, though doing that with both heels seemed to still cause some wobble, possibly because I'm afraid of losing my balance backwards and I'm not really committing to digging in both heels completely. So then I tried digging in my right heel only and then following with the left as I slow down. Oh I also turned on the braking assistance. I tried with and without and not certain it helps or not really. So first I was braking perfect no wobble from 10 mph, at a much shorter braking distance too. Pushed it to 15 mph, still no wobbles. Around 18 mph I was getting some wobbles when I was braking, but favoring the right heel and squeezing the z10 between my legs seems to brake it through the wobbles successfully, though it wasn't pretty to look at it. I was about to go home, and decided to once try the braking at a faster speed, which was stupid. I was going faster than I thought at 23 mph on darknessbot and this time when it wobbled I couldn't stop it. Looking back at my original crash on Saturday it also occurred at 23 mph and now I'm wondering if what I though is a speed wobble is just a braking wobble problem. I fell backwards and to the right and have some right hip road rash, but mostly just a bruised ego, lol. I mean I was riding an mten3 for 2 months with no crashes and was doing well with the Z10, and suddenly two crashes in a row. hmm, there's no facepalm emoji. So... what did I learn? I'm not going to go above 20 mph because I can't reliably power brake, unless there's really nothing around me and I'm well padded. Maybe the braking will come to me with more hours of riding the wheel, and it's not something I can force myself to learn. Also it's probably just me but maybe I should check to see if my wheel isn't off balance somehow. I'll free spin it to see if I notice any weird oscillation. Thanks for the vid @Rehab1, I'm not at your level yet but hope to be one day.
  11. Well maybe I do need to take it slower. I’ll give it a couple days before trying to go fast again. Certainly when I was fatigued and getting new wobbles I should have taken it as a warning sign. Lesson learned.
  12. I ride at about 30 psi. Reluctant to go lower as I’ve heard the Z10 will follow cracks in the road, but I could try that. I’ve been riding this wheel for about 2 weeks. Before that I learned on an mten3 and was using it for 2 months and felt pretty confident with it. I definitely think I’m braking at the hips somewhat. I’m going to experiment with different braking methods to see what gives the least wobbles. Especially with the deer that ran out in front me I need to learn how to aggressively power brake. Thanks for the advice, those are good tips.
  13. I'm a relatively new rider, recently got the Z10 which I've been enjoying, until I got the dreaded speed wobbles and totally ate ass vs the pavement yesterday. I've read up on some old posts here and I'm not sure the advice of decelerating applies here. It didn't work for me, but maybe I did it wrong. I also saw @Cutiyo's great YouTube video on the subject and perhaps the thing to do is to lean more to one side like she suggests. Anyways let me describe what happened... Prelude So I've been riding further and faster every day since I got my wheel a couple weeks ago. I've gotten the hang of most things, though I have a hard time braking at speed. I mean I can brake but I just have to do it more slowly. If I brake too hard the wheel starts to wobble. I've found that when I brake if I favor one leg instead of trying to evenly brake with both legs it will reduce but not eliminate the braking wobble. I don't have the Z10 braking assist turned on, haven't tried it yet. The last couple days before the accident I have been riding particularly hard and my feet have been sore. The ride the day before the crash on my ride I noticed I was getting slight wobbles when I was hitting minor bumps, which I had never noticed before. I was slightly annoyed by it, didn't think much more of it, and attributed this new behavior to my feet being tired. The ride was fine otherwise. Crash Yesterday when I rode I again noticed I was still weirdly wobble prone. My feet were still sore as I haven't really given them any time to recover and I thought it was related to that but in retrospect maybe I was poorly balanced on the wheel? I'm not sure. Is it a calibration issue? I've never calibrated my new Z10 as the pedals have seemed even and fine. Anyways I'm cruising along an empty street at 20 mph on flat nondescript concrete when I must have hit a slight irregularity in the pavement, nothing obvious to the naked eye. All of a sudden I got a crazy aggressive side to side wobble in the wheel. I immediately tried to slow down, honestly I don't know if I was braking the correct way I mentioned above (where I should favor one leg) but the braking was making the wobble drastically worse. Now I thought oh shit, this isn't going to end well and it's time to bail. I landed on my left side and my wheel went careening into a runoff ditch on the side of the road. I tore up my shorts and my iPhone in the left pocket seemed to take some of the impact, remarkably unscathed, and I also landed on my left elbow guard, a Leatt 3DF 6.0 which turned out to be a poor choice as it tore instantly and I got some nasty road rash on my elbow. Torn elbow guard: Elbow: Yeah I know, probably everyone has seen or experienced worse in terms of the road rash but it does hurt and I'm annoyed that it happened while wearing an elbow guard. Like, that was your one job, you know? Most importantly, I fished the Z10 out of the small amount of water in the ditch and it was working fine. I then rode the wheel home to assess damages, and of all things, a fucking deer ran out onto the road in front of me which I had to brake to avoid hitting. At this point, I felt like there was some kind of Final Destination shit going on and I should stay at home and hide in a closet for the rest of the night. Of note, on the ride back I got wobbles in the exact same spot as the crash. I was going much slower though and it was fine the second time around. So.... I have a few questions here - Why was braking making my death wobble worse? Am I just braking wrong? I saw some YouTube commenters talk about high speed braking wobbles on the Z10. Is there some advice for braking successfully with this wheel? - Am I right that being tired was enough to give me those baseline annoying wobbles? The other possibilities are foot position and need for calibration I suppose. I'm going to keep experimenting. I have been using sort of a foot forward position on the Z10 which works well on my mten3 but maybe this wheel is balanced differently. - I wish there was a Leatt dual axis for elbows. I'm going to try out the Leatt 3.0 elbow guard and Fox Racing Titan one. Any suggestions on this? - Suggestions for the death wobbles? Thanks for the advice....
  14. Isn’t there still a patent issue in the US where these wheels are still under patent by Inventist and you have to pay them hefty license fees? The patent system is utterly broken.
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