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  1. lmao at the upside down display. i mean i get that it’s for the rider but what an awful aesthetic choice.
  2. Just an update on this thing after using it for a couple months. I’ll agree with others here that the bass could be better. These are small drivers though so it’s about what I would expect. The JBL speaker mentioned by @Darrell Wesh probably would sound better but the larger form factor would be a drawback for me. I wouldn’t have any place to clip it to most of the time. Hopefully if Monster does a follow-up version of the Boomerang it will be with bigger drivers. The added weight would also help some people here feel more secure about it not falling off. To address @Scottie8
  3. it’s a post in his yt channel, don’t know that there’s a way to direct link
  4. I’m currently trying to decide whether or not I’ll put pads on my Sherman. It’s in the mail, arriving 4/20 (blaze ‘em). So far I’ve never put pads on any wheel and I thinks it’s been fine for me. Not sure what I’m missing out on. Can you elaborate on why a pad rider can’t make a sharp turn? How fast can you make a 90 degree turn? That’s one of the things I’m working on myself... I’m not yet sure how fast I can turn without inadvertently drifting and maybe doing a lowside and eating pavement. Also by proper tuning to ride padless, you and @Ben Kim basically mean the old school
  5. Why is that? Is it different from getting insurance for making say, electric scooters or motorcycles?
  6. I don’t doubt it’s a thing, just that it’s not something unique to China. It’s called halfassing it in the US. Aussie equivalent is “she’ll be right mate”. What you’re describing is an inherent part of capitalism. You’ll naturally cut corners to make more money until you can’t anymore, and sometimes you overdo it. There’s not a country in the world where you can set up a factory and not worry about it, and expect quality products to come out. You always need your guys on the ground carefully watching things, whether the factory is in India, Mexico, or CA. Hell I have a Tesla Model 3 and l
  7. Speaking for myself, I care more about build quality than country of origin per se. I'd be willing to pay a premium for a wheel if they matched or exceeded say Ninebot or Veteran quality. It could be assembled in Greenland for all I care. I'd agree with @houseofjob that being gung ho about the "made in USA" is a bit of a red flag, as it seems to ignore the realities of the supply chain (though I don't agree with his characterization of the quality of Chinese manufacturing--at least not as being some inherent property unique to China). Also a hard agree with the sentiment about Shane Chen
  8. There’s some Chinese pop up that shows when you first open it. If you then go to device on the lower left you can click the settings icon and there’s a close tilt back option.
  9. @Inmotion please release more V12 info and deliver us from amateur Racial Science hour, thank you
  10. The blurb @WI_Hedgehog posted is just low quality sinophobic anti-China drivel. It comes from a website that is trying to sell its services as a middle man to Chinese manufacturing, so of course they will try to spread FUD about China so people don't go out on their own without the middle man. The functional equivalent to that article would be someone in China writing about how Americans believe in "good enough" manufacturing and that's why US manufacturing shouldn't be trusted. See how ridiculous that sounds? This is the right take. Good quality or poor quality manu
  11. bringing the thread back to its roots
  12. Pro tip to inmotion, do your FCC certification stuff after you’ve already done the product reveal to avoid scooping your own product and better control the narrative around it.
  13. Pretty cool. On a side note, it’s kind of weird that the various warranties have a time limit but no mileage limit like you would expect on a vehicle. So I guess they’ll still cover it under warranty even if you ride for many thousands of miles in the 2 years.
  14. Interesting news. Another side effect of this is maybe we could get wheels delivered faster. Without the batteries they could be shipped from China by air and then ewheels installs the batteries in the US and sends them on their way.
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