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  1. What’s the prevailing opinion on the rapid charger that ewheels sells for the Veteran? Better quality than the stock charger? https://www.ewheels.com/product/100-8v-4a-rapid-charger-gotway-msx-nikola-monster/
  2. yeah last time i did that compass i was in the bottom left corner, but i’ve probably crept upwards since then to where you are @LanghamP
  3. Glad you’re recovering @GothamMike. It must be quite the traumatic experience to go through something like that. The other remote possibility is that maybe you passed out while riding, like a vasovagal episode, and then the fall happened immediately after. Certainly happens to people driving cars. Just something to consider.
  4. So is Trump banned or not if he wants to post in the EUC forums? I heard he wants to get a Veteran. You know, to support the troops.
  5. The First Amendment is irrelevant of course. It applies to government, while contract law applies for these platforms. If you want the First Amendment to apply, first those companies would have to be nationalized. Or the government would have to start its own social media network. Studies have shown bans actually do work, like when reddit banned a bunch of toxic subs in 2015. Slippery slope arguments are simply a logical fallacy. It’s possible for platforms to ban certain specific speech like calls to violence and it never become broader than that. Tulsi was a supporter of Modi who
  6. No arguments there, and I recall defending the femur fracture guy against those that were saying it was impossible. It’s just that it’s less likely than a crash at a higher speed. One would expect the faster you’re going, the higher the likelihood of serious injury like OP had. I’m not saying it can’t happen under 20 mph.
  7. That’s weird that you had a bad crash like that at such a relatively low speed. Have you had any problems with your wheel until now? Was it low on charge or anything like that? Maybe you haven’t been back to the area yet but were there any big potholes on that stretch of road? Have to say, I don’t know that I could trust my wheel again if that happened to me and I couldn’t explain it.
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/08/us/politics/police-officer-killed-capitol.html “Mr. Trump’s rhetoric did appeal to many rank-and-file police officers, and that was evident on Wednesday. As the mob marched to the Capitol, some officers were seen taking selfies with the Trump loyalists. Video footage captured a group of police officers moving aside barricades to allow the supporters to push ahead to the building. Activists said there was a clear double standard from this summer, when police forces came down hard on racial justice protesters, even though no police officers were killed dur
  9. Like I said, they’ll make arrests but I doubt they’ll get more than a slap on the wrist. We will see. Anyways I realize I sound cynical, because I am. Hopefully I’m wrong.
  10. Lol, come on this is wishful thinking and actively delusional. There’s tons of footage of cops letting the fascists in to storm the capitol. They are making some arrests but those people will be released with slaps on the wrist. Those “protestors” and LE are on the same side. They probably internally consider the woman who was killed a friendly fire incident. Anyways, I’m sorry you had that experience on the train. Trump certainly brought the racists out of the woodwork. They’ve always been there, they just became more outspoken.
  11. Or maybe just a breakaway tether to the wheel, which would knock it over when pulled. I know it’s been discussed on here before.
  12. It doesn’t look as bad in the second picture. I probably would have stitched or steristripped it soon after, but not 4 days later, as you can cause an infection then. It seems to be coming along fine anyhow.
  13. Dude that looks like it needs stitches. It looks like a laceration that is separated over a cm in its widest portion with deep tissue exposed. Unless its a bad picture and that’s just an overlying clot that I’m seeing.
  14. I’m curious as to why some sort of small clip on gps helmet speedometer is not a thing that exists. This would help solve some issues in terms of not hearing beeps and whatnot. I see there are a lot of failed motorcycle helmet HUD attempts that have never seen the light of day. That eyeride HUD project seems promising if it actually takes off. There are gps speedometers available but they seem big, either for a motorcycle or a bike. I’m talking a tiny one that clips on to your helmet that you can glance at without moving your head. Anyways, I’d be curious if anyone has seen som
  15. Aww man, that’s horrible dude. I hope you get better. I’d be contemplating the same in your position. Cars will always be our biggest threat and the one we can’t control. I guess it’s too fresh for you to be thinking about it now, but chances are maybe there’s a camera from a building entrance that might have caught what happened.
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