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  1. i’d suggest checking out the facebook group and asking on there
  2. Reminder to my fellow NOLA/Louisiana peeps as this hurricane proceeds to fuck us up, you have a big battery backup in your wheel in case you lose power. Sure it can’t power your fridge but it can keep your cell phones going. Stay safe.
  3. jc 🤦🏻‍♂️… soaring or surging, either way terrible. the normie pedals on the Abrams really make it an outlier with the new crop of wheels. veteran getting complacent with their competitive edge IMO. hex pedals are the way to go.
  4. It’s a weird thing to name it the S20 then isn’t it? What is the number 20 referring to? The 16X has a 16” tire and the S18 has the 18” tire.
  5. That would be awesome and would seriously consider this wheel. No more pumping up the shock. But I’m curious, is there anything that would keep one from replacing the s18 shock with a coil shock? Do they come in the same form factor?
  6. Anyone else mildly annoyed by the increasingly militaristic names for EUCs? So at first we had the Veteran Sherman, which was original, creative and somewhat amusing. Now we have an Abrams. Gotway with the Commander and the Hero. Kingsong putting out an Eagle. Next thing you know we will have a wheel called the Punisher with an attachment for a gun turret. 🙄 Who knows maybe it’ll debut in a Mad Max sequel.
  7. I think the word you’re looking for is brutalist. I really dig the look, the harsh lines are reminiscent of the cybertruck, another nice example of brutalism. I’m not all that surprised by the price. I suspect the days of cheaper batteries are over, at least for the short term. I suspect all the new wheels coming out will have higher cost per wh than what we are used to. It’s just the reality of the current battery supply crunch.
  8. looks like the mods need to step in again this is supposed to be an off topic discussion, yet I see wheels!
  9. everyone should watch the Metalhead episode of Black Mirror
  10. Overthinking is definitely 100% an issue. I dealt with that when first learning the EUC, and then learning to free mount it, and now with jumping. I don’t have experience jumping in other sports. I’ll try the advice in taking it slow.
  11. @Scottie an in between fart i guess. i can heal, just not keen on crashing and burning. young at heart so i’ll go for it.
  12. thanks for the advice. sounds like i just need to hit the bottle of yamazaki and sack up.
  13. So I got some clark pads for my RS in the hopes of learning to finally do some jumping, and I have to say I feel like I have some kind of minor phobia for trying to jump when it’s moving. I can jump my wheel fine if I’m standing still and holding a fence of course but when it’s on the move I feel like I’m going to eat concrete if I try it. It sort of reminds me of when I was first learning to ride an euc tbh. For the jumpers out there and advice for starting out? Is it better to jump at slow speeds? I imagine if you’re going too slow that’s not good either and you’ll just fall
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