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V11: My table of autonomy in km according to average speed and accumulated ascent


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I have inserted the chart of the table above but I am unable to write text in that first post, so I write it here:

I have made this table with real data from some mountain routes with my V11, to have as a reference the real autonomy in km according to the ascent in meters and the average speed.

Logically, it is not scientific at all and they are not laboratory conditions so I put it here in case it can serve as a reference for someone :)

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11 hours ago, reach said:

Thank you!

The last line (worst) is roughly compareable to line #5, just with 24km difference in range. Any idea how come? 

Yes, I included it by mistake and I have deleted it, since at the beginning of route it was not at 100% battery. Thanks for the notification

And with respect to the previous line, in which the theoretical autonomy is only 51.4 km: I already see the cause. It was a somewhat special route where I tried a lot of accelerations and there were high speed peaks (well, "high speed" for me, which is 35 km / h haha). That is why such a low autonomy comes out.

That 20 km / h average is not comparable to other 20 km / h averages, because I mixed mountains with high speed in easy areas. On the rest of the routes, driving is fairly standard without great ups and downs of speed.

I forgot to mention that I weigh 75 kg and carry approximately 6 kg of equipment with a backpack.

It may be possible, when more real data is accumulated, to make an autonomy calculation algorithm according to average speeds and accumulated ascent :innocent1:

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