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V10F alternative tires


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Hey riders!

I’ve been researching alternative tires for the V10F but I’m lost in numbers  as tire measurement standards can differ for motorcycle, bicycle and EUC. I’m hoping to get a better off-road tire that fits my V10F. What have you managed to fit onto yours? Please show!





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Any 16 x 2.5 tire should fit the V10(F). Just make sure it’s 16 x 2.5 and not 2.5 - 16 (which I don’t think even exists).

 For true off-road, unfortunately the best option might be the much narrower Schwalbe Mad Mike or BlackJack, both 16 x 1.9 (and their clones). Although, the narrow width would mean losing a lot of what makes the V10F a V10F.

 From the motorcycle side, a 60/100 - 12 is the only off-road sized tire that might fit, but it would probably require manually shaving off the edges of the side knobs. And they are usually true motocross tires, which means bumpy times on pavement and difficult turning on an EUCs.

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22 minutes ago, BBoy said:

I wondering if the H666 3" x 16 would fit?

I assume you mean 16” x 3”. I’m pretty sure that no 3” tire fits without mods. Probably even with mods.

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