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Tools - A Necessity


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I start this topic as a way for the community to share what they have in their tool bag's for EUC servicing. It is very obvious that the quickest way to get a disabled EUC up and running again is if you perform the repair yourself. I will start with a basic list and everyone else can add on.

Quality screwdrivers - Philips/Flat/Torq/Hex Bit if possible

Allen wrenches - SAE/Metric/Torq - long if available

Socket wrenches - SAE/Metric/Torq - long if available

Tire spoons - get metal tire lever/spoons. Plastic/composite spoons are not strong enough for EUCs (or bike rims lol) 

Air compressor - inflation, the good one.

Voltmeter - needed for troubleshooting battery/charging issues

Rubber mallet - needed for forcing things out/in without damaging them

Spike/Extra pedal rod - For extracting pedal rods

Belt sander cleaner - for refreshing pedal grip tape

Quality grease - good for many purposes 

Finally, stay grounded when working on your wheels.

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I found these at a local auto parts store. Took some time to figure out considering that there is no handle, but these palm ratchets work great once you get used to them. 





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