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I'm making a cool video about ElectricUnicycle


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Hey! I'm making a cool spectacular video about ElectricUnicycle, using 3d graphics. I ride ninebot myself, and for understanding, I want to learn some details from you, what you can pay attention to in the video, and what you don't need.

1) what is the most important thing to consider when choosing a monowheel?

2) Do you drive in winter? How convenient is it?

3) Do you like to ride off-road, how comfortable is it?

4) Which wheel size is preferable for you?

5) Which ride is preferable: aggressive or calm?

Your answers would help me a lot, and I hope I will motivate people to change to monowheels, as I consider this to be the transport of the future). The stages of production will be published here

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I will tell you a little about why I decided to make a video on the topic of electric segway monowheels. I am the owner myself and I consider this one of the most versatile vehicles in urban conditions. I drove it not only in sunny weather, but also did not refuse to ride in the rain, although it is not very comfortable, but nevertheless it is better for me to go on a monowheel than to walk. I even know a lot of people who ride them in the winter, but for me it's extreme. Thanks to the answers that the forum visitors gave me, I realized what the main criteria are when choosing and using a monowheel. And I tried to show these characteristics in my future video.
My training in motion design is in full swing. This is quite a difficult task, but I am already ready to share with you my best practices. These are rather rough versions, but nevertheless the script is written, and the idea is already implemented “on paper".

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It was very difficult, but I finished with the blocking stage for my video (I published pictures and GIFs earlier in the topic) and now a new stage of my training has finally begun - I insert the final objects into my video. That is, instead of the balls and squares that were in the blocking, I already replace them with objects that will be shown in the clip. I was able to find models of monowheels ninebot z10 and earlier versions are not in the best quality and I had to modify them, spending a lot of time on it. I am glad that I took the time at this stage of the modeling process, as I believe that the ability to change models will allow me to expand my capabilities in motion design.

And by the way, a very important aspect for me at this stage is the choice of color scheme, as I consider it key for the visual perception of the viewer. After talking with the students of our course, I have a deeper understanding of this topic and now I will apply this knowledge in practice

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