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Summerboard SBX - an All Season Snowboarding Experience! or not??

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Hey guys, I just recently got into esk8 as a complement to EUC'ing. Some of guys I ride with are on esk8s & they are different enough to be fun in its own right. Then I caught this Summerboard on my local buysell & googled it further. For $1600usd, its really not that outrageous even when compared with normal esk8s & from vids, it does really seem to replicate quite a bit of the snowboarding experience.

Anyone on this forum tried it? What do the rest of fella's here think? 

This review seems to be the most authentic I've watched so far & lists the pros/cons as he found it.


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Didn't know that this Summerboard is a "renewed" Leiftech. In a lot of ways, I'm actually kinda glad as its not a brand new 1st gen product. The review does state the issues he found & most of all, he got it fixed. I'm also glad Summerboard's a US company & wherever the components are made, CS/warranty seems to be up to par (at least v china).

I'm not surprised its not perfect as we EUC'ers all know. I used to love snowboarding til life & all its obligations (esp. in time & lack thereof) caught up. Going to the slopes got to be more of a trip than just let's go out & shred.

That said, unlike EUCs or even esk8s, this Summerboard similar to snowboarding are more toy for the pure joy of it rather than having any pretense of practicality. Range is very limited & smooth surfaces are the order of the day as well. 

Still, all's said & done, the freeride snowboard mechanics of this thing is very intriguing. This Summerboard has lit an itty bitty itch deep down & I can't say I don't wanna scratch it esp since there's a Canadian reseller with a 2yr warranty. Now I just gotta convince the missus I need another toy useless (in her words) toy.

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Hi I am developing several boards but one of the ones I turned my attention to was the v2, I made a modular caster that makes it much better than the sbx in some ways. 

you can read more here 


happy to answer anything you have questions about. 

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I got a Summerboard a couple of weeks ago and it was hard to learn at first (I don't know how to ride a skateboard or snowboard), but after a few days I was able to learn it, and it's been really fun.  More fun than any other board or pev I've tried.  More fun than EUC, imho. But doesn't seem as practical for getting from A to B. It's more for leisure I think.

The cost is admittedly daunting, so another option to try is a Freebord, which is similar but has no motor.  But Summerboard is easier to learn because you don't have to go down a slope.

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