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The Threat of Vehicles/Drivers?


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I struggle with this one as it seems to be a everyday occurrence that I have somewhat adapted to. Certain drivers are very aggressive around me and frankly speaking it is dangerous and really degrades my joy of riding. In my reviews I tend to focus on interactions with pedestrians as they get very personal at times LOL. The stuff with motor vehicles is usually in the moment and not worth mentioning as I ride to expect stupid behavior around me.

My most recent and scary situation happened while out on a lunch break errand for the wife. Long story short, an interested car/driver chased me into a mobile home complex as I screamed and gestured at him to leave me alone. I knew that there was a cut through to a path that regularly ride, but I do not regularly ride through the complex itself so things went wrong.

I do not like to recall the situation, but the car/driver sped closely behind me at 20-25MPH honking his horn and screaming at me. It was not a situation that I felt comfortable slowing down in, even though I was bouncing foot in the air over the multiple speed bumps in the complex. Eventually I made it to the back of the complex and the cut through was not visible so my only choice at this point was to find a safe space to dismount and deal with this individual.

Fortunately there was no physical altercation and everyone went their separate ways (was I satisfied, heck no).

Some will ask/criticize as to why I did not stop and talk with this person. Fair point indeed.

The last time I interacted with a car while in motion I ended up with a broken arm and very well could have ended up underneath the car that was intentionally close to me. When I hit the ground the car continued on and I was left with a substantial hospital bill. Had a change of heart concerning interested cars/drivers shortly after.



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Hello and thanks for sharing this experience. I've had the occasional person go to unusual lengths to engage me in conversation. Each time, however, it's been genuine (though awkward) curiosity on their part. While I try to ride considerately at all times, I do not feel it's my role to be an ambassador to answer people's questions. If I can, I'll always answer sincere inquiries. But, if someone just blurts out "How much?" or "Hey, pop a wheelie!" (it's weird how many people think they are the first person to utter that phrase), then I pretend I never heard them.  

I've not encountered someone so aggressive as you describe. What's your best theory for why this person pursued you despite your clear desire to not interact?

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