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  1. One of my very favorite things about our EUC hobby, and there are so many, is that it allows me to use the strengths of one side of my body to teach the weaknesses of the other side of my body. This is true for sure about mounting and dismounting (It just is a grind to have to get the week side anywhere close to the level of the strong side). There are so many other areas where this is true as well. Certain leg muscles one one side are stronger on the other. For me, the back therapy of riding EUC has been one of the greatest benefits. I have strengthened weak parts in my lower back through deliberately letting my strong side make a micro-movement, and then trying to replicate it on the weak side. It takes some concentration and body awareness and I find it to be well worth the investment. My back issues have improved way more than I ever could have imagined--and I wasn't even expecting that benefit.
  2. My approach is to treat foot fatigue as I do wobbles: the sooner we recognize the signs the better we can manage them. With foot fatigue, I found that walking, in a way that fully massages the foot, helps: slow, deliberate, over emphasize the step, and vary where you place your weight with each step. Of course, voluntarily dismounting in order to walk isn’t what we want to do. I learned to do this at the earliest signs of foot fatigue for just a minute or 2 significantly increases endurance. I use the ground on different parts of my feet with each step. I take my time to really feel it. This comes after many times of waiting until my feet are really tired. But, once a High level of fatigue is reached, it takes much longer to recuperate. For shoes, I have done lots of “research”. My favs are Birkenstock shoes (not sandals). the Arran model is my fave. This way, my foot plates have cork bedding.. Over time my stance has evolved to curling the tips of my toes over the front of the foot plates. I find this gives me extra control and these shoes allow me to do that without using barefoot shoes. I love barefoot shoes, but not for euc riding, IMO.
  3. Yes! This is a key point. We are really lucky as a global community to have several sellers of integrity. So, please find out who they are and do business with them. Support reputable, honorable dealers. This gives them more leverage with producers so that the community can have a say in how things progress for us. Stronger dealers make for happier wheelers. of course, anyone has the right to buy from anyone they want. It’s just my opinion that having stronger wheel dealers is very beneficial
  4. I bought 9 wheels from Ewheels.com. That won’t change any time soon. All of us benefit from Jason. He is always doing things to make this hobby better.
  5. I agree with everything Rywokast said. And just add that if a major aspect of your riding style is carving (90% for me), the 16x is sooo freaking great that it would push me to go that route in the final analysis. I have a 4th gen 16x so a lot of the earlier issues have been addressed. But for just going dead-ahead-Fred style the 18xl would be great. I do enjoy carving on my 18L but it’s not close to the feelz I get from 16x.
  6. I think z10 is best for being stable while going slow. It is a quiet wheel but the tire can get squeaky while slow maneuvering if tire pressure too low. If you need more torque/acceleration/speed and control at something faster than fast jogging pace then Nikola (any config) or 16x would be my suggestion. My $.02
  7. So timely! I was thinking about making my first post yesterday (been lurking for over a year—sup people!). I was imagining what a $4000 wheel would be and wanted to ask what you all could imagine. What you describe sounds great. I would also love to see advancements in footplate customization.
  8. HandyAndy...good to see you commenting on this post, bro. It means you are now fully aware that this unit has less miles than yours, is being sold for less, and it's sold by the original owner. Your unit, as you told me, was owned by someone else and you have not been fully tested because you're still learning to ride it in your garage. So yeah, call me names for not wanting to do business with you all you want. It makes m very very happy that I chose not to trust doing business with you. And hell yes, I am not going to pay more for your inferior unit. I was polite to you all the while. I DO NOT HAVE TO BUY YOUR UNIT. That doesn't make me a d-bag. But you pouting in public for a bad unit your stuck with might make you one. Good day to you, sir.
  9. Sean May: you pretty much have a sale if you message me back
  10. do you still have the monster? If so, I might be interested. Let me know how to get in touch. Thx.
  11. I'd be interested in exploring a deal. I have an 18L I might consider trading (with the XL pedals and brand new trolly handle). Happy to chat.
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