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The wonderfull Inmotion V11 additional package (pedal, saddle, powerpad)

Finn Bjerke

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Great review of the additional Inmotion pedals - better for grip better for winter .... The original version is probably better since spikes are adjustable.  I guess the pads and sadle will be reviewd later. 


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Hex pedal powerpads and saddle very nice maybe  powerpads and sadle could be DIY so you save money for the next improved suspension wheel?  Inmotion v11f sounds nice I dont think its gonna happens tho.. 

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1 hour ago, Finn Bjerke said:

Thx mate.  

Are you gonna get a suspension wheel youssef? 

I have my V11 in the shop after I negotiated an angled descent to the ground at a somewhat quick speed. 

Someone who has both the Clark pads and these pads needs to post a review on which is better. 

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