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gotway ms super 84v ?


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i have brought a new motherboard for my gotway 84v and the board fits in the unit 4 screws and the lower plate gas a bevelled corner..it is a different board from the original but gotway change them as i have found with a mcm5 i got...whonose where all the plugs go as there is no diagram...my batteries are showing 94.5 volt and my charger says its a 100v but i am sure this is a 84v wheel...can any one help as i am a tad worried about sorting...sounds like i have a 100v one maybe or do the 100v ones when measured look more !05v maybe

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Maybe your multimeter is broken? Do you have a second one to compare? Or maybe measure the voltage of a charger to make sure your multimeter isn't lying?


If you're reporting the voltage from WheelLog/Gotway app/EUC World, you have to set the voltage in the app.
In other words the Gotway engineers were REALLY lazy and didn't implement correct voltage reporting. You have to select 84V/100V/126V manually. And 100V is probably the default.
At least that's how it is on my 84V MSX. :-)

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