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CY H-666 (18x2.5") on a KS18XL, a few impressions


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Just got a CY H-666 for my KS18XL as there are still some in stock on eBay.
I couldn't find anyone trying the 18x2.5 size on a EUC, so here are a few impressions:

The H-666 weight 1,4Kg vs 1,1Kg for the stock H-5102, the width is about the same with 6,1mm (age difference). One can feel the stiffer bounciness of the thicker rubber, which I like. If anything there is quite a bit of space in the wheel well, a thicker tyre would be welcome.

The profile seem to be a bit more pointy (could be that the H-5102 is worn from 6000Km) which make it quick to flip to the side. The tilt is very even due to the progressive pattern and turing "on a dime" is easy and predictable. Slalom "carving" is even and pleasant. Grip should be improved due to the more dense pattern, the H-5102 have slipped on me in sharp turns.

Overall I am mostly satisfied, with the only downside being that it almost feels a bit too thin due to the pointy profile. This might be a plus on 18x3 size, but 18x2.5 is slim enough as it is. This might wear out a bit over time and is anyway not a major issue.

edit: after a couple hundred Km I still find it to feel very thin, I spend time straightening the EUC which have easily end up tilted against one leg.

edit 2: After about 600km I still found this tire much too flip-floppy and narrow feeling, so I gave up and replaced it. (too bad)






The pattern is the same as 3" version, save for some lighting bolts.
This 2.5" version of the H-666 is not so huge, a lot of space left.


Next to fat brother 18x3:


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