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CY H-5146 (18x2.5) on a KS18XL - Overview and impressions


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After an unconvincing experience with the 2.5" H-666 on the 18XL, I went for a replacement.

There seem to be fewer and fewer options for 18x2.5" tyres, and I ended up going with the H5146. The H-5102 is a bit slippery and the C-1488 wears a bit fast for my taste. C-1737 has qualities but I don't like the knobby feel when turning tight.

Weight is about the same as the H-5102 and it feels fairly soft and thin compared to the H-666 or C-1737. Riding in a city covered with broken glass I added a old tube as extra layer to avoid puncture. The rubber is fairly soft and the thread pattern medium deep. It will probably not last very long, to be seen.

The thinner rubber gives a bounce when riding that is either a bit baloney or hard depending of pressure (I prefer the firm bounce of thicker rubber). The profile is nice and blunt giving a good stability, while the pattern has large enough patches to have a predictable and smooth tight turn. One can feel the soft rubber gripping a bit, which is fine, but could be an indication of wear.

Conclusion: Fairly classical, unimpressive bounce but pleasant handling. Feels like the H-5102 but should have better grip. Durability to be seen. Updating after some more distance ridden.

(the puncture proof version would be perfect for me with the thicker rubber, but it was not availlable)






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I was looking for a replacement for my 18L h5102 tire. Im pretty happy with how it rides and hate change. Sadly, it seems they are very hard to find. How is your experience been with the 5146? I do mostly pavement with a little off road on this wheel. Im more concerned with comfort than either end of the wear/aggression spectrum. Thanks man!

*empty your mailbox

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@ShanesPlanet It rides very much like the 02. There was a h666 between the two so I can’t say the detail but very similar. Maybe a tad better grip due to the pattern :) (ps found mine on eBay Italy, you might have to look somewhere else)

(will check what’s up with the mailbox 👌🏻)

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