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Is KS S18 upgraded October 2020

Finn Bjerke

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I bought Inmotion v11 2 month ago, Im happy.  Im still curious about Kingsong s18.  A lot of EUCs are not tested properly before they are shipped out to us, Ive read that 16x had a lot of errors to begin with but they are corrected now. KS 16X is a great wheel. KS S18 to begin with had many issues, the complexity of the construction made some skill engineers tear it apart and redesign  

 It's suspension system needed an overhaul, in addition to some other problems in first batches - what is the status now? Inmotion V11 had some serious errors too, but in my view not as many as s18.  If the initial flaws are corrected nowe I might get myssef suspension wheel #2.

Errors in S18 that I hope is now corrected:  

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You are very curious about the S18 indeed.
So much so that you needed a second thread for your concern trolling.

edit: Yes you are right; I cant count to three.
Three threads you have going here.

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