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mainboard issue on the V10F???

Jens Muysoms

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hello internet hive mind,

I rode my V10F through some rain today and into a puddle that was deeper than anticipated, the wheel was fine, nothing felt strange, I could even do the trip home of about 10km. When I got home I let the wheel dry out for about an hour or 2 before I put it on my fast charger, charging went without any issues and was completed in about 3 hours. I disconnected the charger and tried to boot up my wheel, no joy. I tried to plug in my normal charger, the battery indicator came on no problem. So I disconnected the charger again and after that nothing worked, I could not power it up, plugging in a charger didn't do anything.

So I decided to check the inside(first opened up the wrong side without the main board:facepalm:) and disconnected the battery from the main board. I waited a minute and plugged it back in, 3 green leds started blinking on the main board but it remained unresponsive. I tried it again and after plugging it back in a whole bunch of leds came on solid and a few blinked and I was able to power up the wheel, EUREKA!!!

Or so I thought, the wheel balanced fine for a few seconds and then it slowly started tilting backwards more and more and it started to drive backwards for a few seconds before it went dead again. 

I am completely heartbroken, I have bought the wheel secondhand (original buyer bought it from ali) and I have only done about 100km with it.

Many thanks in advance for any kind of assistance.


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