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v8 weird on off issue


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I hv a strange intermittent problem where when i turn on v8 the batt indicator lights up showing no bars and wheel seems dead. Then I turn off and on again and shows full bars and runs as normal. This is after full charge. happens maybe twice/mo. Thoughts?

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I also get weird behavior on my V8's battery indicator, I've noticed it here and there for the past year but it's never had any impact:

  * Sometimes I hit the power button and nothing happens. I have to hit it a few more times then the wheel comes to life.

  * Yesterday I turned it on and it showed me only 1 red bar of battery when I knew it was charged fully. Powering down and back up caused the bar to return to full.

  * I often notice the battery indicator "flickering" as I move, another undesirable quirk, but again with no impact - I noticed this on day 1.

Seems normal for the V8. I'm approaching 2000km with zero issues other than those, I wouldn't worry about it too much.


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