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Help me decide my backup/second ride

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Hello all,

trying to figure out which wheel to buy as my second/backup wheel

currently debating between MSP (probably the torque version as i don't have any intention of hitting 40's mph) or the inmotion v11

Trying to see which wheel would complement my nikola 100V.


just trying to get input and questions to stir my brain and help me make a decision!


thanks all!

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This can be such a long debate, both internal to you and here at the forum. At the end of the day, it’s up to your preferences and needs.

I was pondering the exact same question  last spring. But since I ride a lot off-road and other bad surfaces, and I have used a lot of time to craft shock absorbing to my MSX pedals with decent results, the choice was easy for me.

 Ask yourself, what do you want from your next wheel? Why do you want a new wheel?

 And one aspect that I like when choosing a wheel: Make a list of the negatives on each candidate, and choose the one whose negatives are easier to live with.

I must say though, that the MSP would be only an incremental upgrade at best to your Nikola. More torque but requires more effort to utilize, less riding comfort, more annoying trolley, and the ride feel of the wheel stays practically the same.

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Thank you @mrelwood!

I'm going to have to follow your advice of making a list of negatives for each wheel

I think what i'm looking for is something different enough to switch it up which had me leaning towards the V11 as the next wheel originally. Plus the suspension was appealing due to the pothole-ridden streets here in NYC. However, now that I have tasted the joys of 30+mph on the nikola 100V I was worried the slower top speed of the V11 might come to bite me which had me starting to look at the MSP which has the bigger 18 inch tire which should also help with potholes as well?

Also was hoping to use either one as the very occasional off roader if I ever get the chance

p.s. - thank you for your answer on my MSP 80% beep question

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16 hours ago, Daniel Choi said:

MSP which has the bigger 18 inch tire which should also help with potholes as well?

Slightly, yes. But a suspension has been said being from a whole different world regarding potholes. Besides, it’s an 18-incher as well.

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