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  1. Your point with missing the speed makes a lot of sense! I was thinking of the sherman for the long range as well but the price and weight was giving me second thoughts Maybe i should look more into it though
  2. Decided to keep the Nikola as my city wheel but looking at the RS wheels as a second wheel that I would also love to take trail riding one day. Which would be a better second ride with my Nikola?
  3. I currently have a Nikola + with the 21700 cells but starting to have an itch to see if I want to sell it for a Gotway RS (preferably the HS variant). Wondering if the change js worth it? Just want some thoughts from others! Thanks!
  4. yeah, im convinced that I will buy the V11 as next wheel the msp ill probably buy one day but definitely after the V11
  5. thank you! i guess this wheel will probably be purchased one day after a suspension wheel
  6. Thank you @mrelwood! I'm going to have to follow your advice of making a list of negatives for each wheel I think what i'm looking for is something different enough to switch it up which had me leaning towards the V11 as the next wheel originally. Plus the suspension was appealing due to the pothole-ridden streets here in NYC. However, now that I have tasted the joys of 30+mph on the nikola 100V I was worried the slower top speed of the V11 might come to bite me which had me starting to look at the MSP which has the bigger 18 inch tire which should also help with potholes as well?
  7. Hello all, trying to figure out which wheel to buy as my second/backup wheel currently debating between MSP (probably the torque version as i don't have any intention of hitting 40's mph) or the inmotion v11 Trying to see which wheel would complement my nikola 100V. just trying to get input and questions to stir my brain and help me make a decision! thanks all!
  8. Hello all, debating whether or not the MSP will be my next wheel and was trying to figure out when the 80% beeps start? The forums i'm getting mixed information and the review videos show the beeps starting at 50km/h? seeing that I ride consistently above 50km/h i think it would drive me crazy to constantly hear beeps at that speed thanks in advance !
  9. As the title says, I have a 2000w motor for the 18L/XL after I changed to the 2200w motor myself. Dont know what to do with it so looking for suggestions. Thank you!
  10. Selling a recently upgraded to 2200w motor Kingsong 18XL. about 1250 miles before motor change. about 250 miles with new motor. has cosmetic scratches on the shell XL Pedals Preferably local to NYC but will consider shipping. Asking $1500 obo https://imgur.com/a/AmMjTe8
  11. I wear slim earmuffs on top of them and i can pick up the beeps pretty well because the ambient sound picks up higher pitches well
  12. if you connect your wheel to the kingsong app you can reset the speed limit to 20
  13. THANK YOU! just tried and it worked!!!
  14. Actually it is what seage says. My phone does not vibrate when i only turn on phone alerts either...
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