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Health Savings Account for Knee/Elbow Braces & Safety Equipment


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I have funds in a Health Savings Account (HSA) tied to a high deductible low premium medical plan. This is not a “Flexible” Savings Account that rolls over annually.

Do you know if heavy-duty knee and elbow braces by Leatt or explicitly sporting companies are eligible?  How about other protective equipment like helmets?

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Technically a knee brace, not a knee pad or guard, should be covered but it can be a grey area. If you can get someone to write you a Rx or a letter of medical necessity you shouldn't have any problems but every plan can be different. Worst thing they can do is say no.  Not much chance for a helmet reimbursement unless you need it for walking around during daily activities. 

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Thanks @Willy510! I think I might just spend the money and Leatt C-Frames and pay any penalties later. 

I'm starting to hit the mid-20s mph after about 500 miles in. I fear that if I don't get knee braces preemptively, will need them eventually post operation anyways, lol. 

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