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  1. Some EUCs have seats...consider that not for long-term seated riding, but a break once in a while.
  2. Dumb on both sides. It's all fun and games until someone messes with another with a concealed carry, lol. No demo Veteran Shermans were hurt in this melee.
  3. I live in NYC, ride an EUC, and lean Libertarian, but find the behavior in this video disgusting and unacceptable. It's the same as the thugs who ride in packs of dirt bikes terrorizing the neighborhood. I don't care how skilled you are, do that shit on the road and not flying past families with toddlers so that if you f*ck up, you only kill or injure yourself. If this shit keeps up, EUCs "should" be banned. You are not special if you are skillful with the EUCs, and EUCs are not special.
  4. Important topic, thanks for the OP. I'm a new EUC rider in NYC that's building up experience and transitioning off sidewalks/bike lanes and going faster on the street alongside cars. I'd say that trying to push your limits as a form of personal challenge or self-expression is OK, but only if it does not cause risk or harm to others. This means if you want to go crazy fast and/or super aggressive, do it in traffic on the street (or on trails), and not on sidewalks, busy bike lanes, or areas reserved for pedestrians. That way if you screw up, you're most likely the only one to get hurt while the innocent are safely shielded in their multi-ton metal vehicles. Even in traffic, try to be respectful, especially in groups. I see the same pack-like behavior with dirtbikes, ATVs, and motorcycles and it's terrible. I used to aggressive skate and skateboard as a kid with packs of other kids, so I can understand the camaraderie and disregard for the general public, but with the benefit of age tend to take the public's side, especially with some heavy and high-powered vehicles easily over 50 pounds that can go up to 40 miles per hour.
  5. Great to know! I now have ~150 miles on the KS-16S starting a total noob, and wanted more power so I ordered the KS-16X. I got a KS-16X yesterday, but the system Bluetooth was unable to connect even though the Music Bluetooth could. Replacement is coming next week and reading this post makes me even more excited.
  6. Yeah. Tried in iOS the DarknessBot app, King Song, and the SoftTuner app, on both iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Then tried on an Android on a Galaxy J7 Duo. None of them detected the system Bluetooth, only the Music bluetooth. Looks like Maybe for the better I have to wait another week, I only have 2 weeks and like 120 miles on the KS-16S and I've been getting up to 17-18 miles per hour and craving that speed, and pretty sure my skills aren't enough for the KS-16S, forget about the KS-16X for 31 mph...so I might be saving myself a trip to the ER, lol!
  7. Yep! The KS-16X Bluetooth for the music worked fine, just not the machine itself. This was an upgrade to my KS-16S. Anyways, I've shipped it back and will get another shipped to me. Jason @ eWheels.com is great. Disappointed since I was waiting to ride the beast after putting in about 120 miles learning on the KS-16S.
  8. Did anyone have this problem? KS 16X just arrived I don't want to send back to ewheels, it'll take another couple of weeks...
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