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  1. Since the flasher is all in the headlight and it's just another switched 12v at the plug I'm replacing the flashers with some COB LED driving lights that will mount in these clamp on light mounts I came up with. I'm going to extend the brake light with these too but I need to make the light for that since its a 5V pixel array and not just a brake light.
  2. I used to work Fire/EMS and I honestly don't think anyone would really care about the red lights unless you are doing something stupid like trying to get cars to move over or rolling through an accident scene otherwise you'll probably get the regular "What the hell is that thing?" But any blue forward or rear face light will quickly get the attention of the local Barney Fife and you'll get to find out just how bored they are.
  3. It is not legal in the USA to have red forward facing light either solid or flashing , it's reserved by motor vehicle code for fire/EMS. Blue light are also Illegal and reserved for police so guess which one gets enforced more. Easiest way to change it it to but some of the orange clear lens repair tape and put it over the red side sections or replace the headlight if you don't want them there at all.
  4. The designs are my own, the only msx part of it would be the controller, batteries and motor. The design isn't a 100% 3D printed one, the center section and suspension bits are all aluminum and the covers and accessory bits are all printed. I do have a printers big enough to print it in one piece but it wouldn't be nearly as strong unless I redesigned quite a few things. Most of my home printers are of my design and build and mostly delta's . Most of the pieces will be printed in carbon fiber polycarbonate and the rest in regular polycarbonate. I have several solutions for scanning that range from free to a $100K laser system that I can borrow but unless you do this for a living you can find ways to do it on youtube that are free or cheap. Usually I just measure and draw from scratch and maybe use a canvas to match profiles. If you're just starting to get into it then the first thing you should do is head over to youtube and make friends with Lars and Fusion 360 if you want to make your own stuff.
  5. I already do print a bunch of my EUC parts and have an entire shell rendered up for printing for a MSX suspension idea I have.
  6. I haven't forgotten about your taillight, I'll have time this weekend finally to map it out and possibly have a way for you to check yours out
  7. Any 100v lithium charger will work as long as you either verify the plug or just put a new one on a generic 100v charger. Unless you want a Grin charger , they are all hard to tell apart for quality unless you tear them apart. If you are going to try and get the cheapest you can find or it's not a known and trusted source you really should verify the voltage and plug pinout if its supposed to work out of the box. I've seen some of the cheaper one vary wildly.
  8. I've made up some wider flexible side pads that don't cover the top screws and a flexible rear fender. Both models will be available on thingiverse for download.
  9. I asked the rider that crashed about it and it was at 45mph and he had tire PSI at 57 so just a bit hard and bouncy. The wheel actually survived with little damage considering the speed
  10. When I'm home later I'm going to see what protocol the light signal is on mine , just got it yesterday, and I may have an easy way to see if its the light on yours thats bad or if the signal isnt being sent. I'm making a bigger tail light and rear stop so I have to map them anyways
  11. Its not a regular LED its a pixel so it needs a signal and 5v. Did you try to tap the power button when on? that turns the rear light on and off
  12. they have FL and AZ business address I believe and the wheels drop ship , or mine did, from Compton,CA
  13. I bought 2 from eWheels and great service and experience and they have stock of parts here in the US , no experience from euco but haven't heard anything bad about them. Either one is a good choice, probably the only difference to you is whether or not you want to pay tax.
  14. The stock pads are actually very nice but they are a bit small for my legs with pads on so I drew up some wider deeper ones that don't cover the top screw holes. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4596721
  15. xt30's aren't usually the issue. It's usually the wire size that's the first issue. I found this really nice video after I had done a little testing of my own.
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