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  1. Sorry but I sold the pedals a few minutes after I received them , they probably would fit but lost width was a deal breaker and a lesson that I should have just made my own pedals instead of being lazy and trying to support another maker.
  2. Sorry but people were selling my designs as their own so I've taken it all down
  3. The regular NyloNove Sherman pedals are 10mm more narrow than stock and a bit longer and by the pics the XL version is a bit longer still and basically the same width as stock pedals
  4. There are lights that will fit in the recesses but I don't like the way it looks or functions, mine also protect the tubes in the event of a crash and only cost about $15 in total to make if I need to replace
  5. "handster LED " from Amazon
  6. You'll be fine... I started with a MSX and have a Sherman too and as long you have a sense of self preservation and some common sense, like don't try to see how fast it will go in the beginning. I used a mix of Kuji rolls and U-Stride videos and I was up and going in a couple of hours on my own. Wear shoes that protect your ankles, all all of the other gear too, and try not to look down and remember that wherever you look is where you'll go and have fun.
  7. I put some of the basic stuff on thingiverse, probably won't put the lighted stuff up, there are over 300 solder points in the rear light alone and it's a bit complex to explain
  8. You're not going to find anything that's off the shelf for a Sherman taillight , it's a 5V pixel array. So far the setup I made is the only one I've seen so far that uses and expands on the automatic rear brake light and turn signal functions. If you don't want to make anything then a good set of rechargeable blinky clip on bicycle lights should do the trick
  9. Pretty much done with the light now with the new rear fender and turn signals and the new dual front lights and "Bender" lighted front bumper/stand
  10. If buy any pixel controller like a SP110e , around $10 USD on Amazon , you can test the rear light. With a Sp110e you would use a 5v wall adapter plugged into the controller and the and then touch the red wire to the tip of the 3.5 plug and the DAT wire, usually green wire, to the second ring on the plug and the ground wire to the lowest ring on plug. I usually just use a small piece of tape to hold the wires on. It should light up but you may have to go into the app and select some stuff but not normally.
  11. I'm not able to ride much presently
  12. Fender turned out pretty nice, now on to the wiring and soldering
  13. I got a pair from these guys in Australia and with the exchange rate and coupon they have for first time international orders it was a bit cheaper than the factory site even with shipping https://www.phaserfpv.com.au/products/gyroriderz-gloves-v2?variant=31864936202317
  14. Finished up what I thought would be the final version of the flexible lens brake and turn signals and they turned out great but then my symmetrical OCD kicked in once I noticed that the red light function wasn't even under all circumstances so back to the drawing board and I'm moving the brake function to the rear fender and going to switch the side light to just turn function and all orange. Second pic is just the new rear flexible lens that will get molded into the flexible rear fender reprint.
  15. No, it will more than likely damage or ruin the rear light. I can tell you how to test the rear light if you havent tried it in the front yet.
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