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  1. Sometimes you need more light, better aiming of each beam, better visibility
  2. No you have to do all the wiring and mounting yourself, pretty easy though
  3. Thanks , No plans to sell since it is pretty complicated to make, 300+ solder points and 185+ tiny bits of wire, and lots of flexible 3D printing, all of it except for the stock rear light lens is 3D printed TPU. It would be pretty expensive to make and sell. I may offer up something else if I ever get around to finishing it. This is a early concept rear light housing.
  4. I haven't done the real math for it but with a pull scale it takes about 25-35 kg of dynamic force to pull the center section out.
  5. Nope , you lost that bet. Rock Lockster buckles are wicked strong in pull strength. Quick lateral pull on velcro decreases its shear strength.
  6. Here's one I've been meaning to make for a while. I don't know the exact force it needs to breakaway yet but it's above the static weight of my MSX. I'll get access to a proper force gauge next week sometime. It is intended to be a breakaway connection that will take some of the kinetic energy out of a wheel that gets away from you and yet it can be put back together and used many times.
  7. I have the Conti-Scoot 80/90-14 tire on mine and there is no way its coming off the rim. I do run around 33-35psi
  8. Sherman just arrived and the pedal mounts don't seem to be any higher than my other Sherman but they are a tiny bit wider or the plastic tops of them are a few MM wider at least . Update : after some more looking around it looks like the motor has been moved down a little which makes the pedals a bit higher , not sure by how much since I have a different tire on my sherman and this one has the knobby tire
  9. Looks like they are moving through the Fedex system pretty good since it just updated to be delivered on Sunday now but with the huge amount of shipping this week it may update a few more times before it shows up
  10. Dual headlights, front bumper stand with pixel control, running lights with strobe controller, wider flexible side pads, rear turn and brake light extenders, TPU rear fender, rear bumper maybe too, and probably a seat This is my Sherman,
  11. Says Monday for delivery when I just checked , I'm on the west coast I already have one but my buddy wasnt gonna be home so its coming here first so I can swap out and add some bits to it for him.
  12. almost any 3.5mm 3 pole solder type plug will work, Amazon, Ebay, digikey and the like
  13. This pump works perfect for airing up shocks. It has a little lever that disengages the pressure before you unscrew it so nothing is lost. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B074DBPMDK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. Sorry not currently available, people were selling a bunch of my designs as their own work so I removed almost everything while I figure out what to do next.
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