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Anyone thought about a fil d'Ariane (breadcrumb trail) ?

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I experienced 2 little accident with my MCM5 v2 and I came to conclusion a fil d'Ariane would have been very useful.

In a forest I went down a very-very steep hill and if it went well couple of time this week, I lost it on the last attempt (with battery nearly full for once, maybe the reason). The wheel went down 20, 30 meters, jumping 1 meter here, 2 meters there. It could have been catastrophic if some people were hanging on the wheel path (look like Gotway use strong poly-carbonate now, the wheel was fine).

Few kilometers further, I didn't see a root and I fall, nothing special except the wheel continued on his way to fall in the lake 10 meters below, it was floating enough time for me to grab it but now have no more 5V after drying - no LED, no USB, weak speaker, see https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/17868-gotway-tesla-v2-water-damage/

Conclusion, a fil d'Ariane could have been useful to avoid a very bad accident (you never know and better not try your luck too hard),
or the wheel from water damage

Did anyone have tried or feel the need of this ?

I was thinking to have 5 meters cord in the pocket, one extremity attached to the wheel, the other end held by velcro.
Or I grab the cord (with gloves !) or I let go and the velcro wont destabilize me.

What you think ?

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