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Speed Setting Questions


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Hey Guys,

I have a couple of rookie questions for you regarding the settings on my KS 16x.

So for speed settings I have disabled alarm 1 and 2, alarm 3 I have set to 39kph and kickback at 40kph.

The top speed of the KS16x is 50kph in ideal situation so I put margin as I don't want cutout so I my face doesn't eat the floor. (too old for that)

My question is with King Song as a vendor, are those values set in stone or does it slowly ramp back the settings based on your battery percentage?
So in my case if I set kickback to 40kph at 20% power does it kickback at (I dunno) 30kph...?
I'm just trying to understand are those hard rules or is there logic in the board that ramps things back depending on the available power?
I know Gotways by design allow you to get yourself in trouble and leave it to the user to be smart enough to not get themselves hurt. 

I guess while I am at it, can other KS16x owners share their settings? I am curious how other people have it configured. 

Thanks for the help.



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Hi, I would like to make these settings in EUC WORLD but I can't...if anyone knows how to do it (gives me different wheel parameters not supported)

I can only do it from the official Kingsong APP or softuner.

mine are these

1 alarm off

2 alarm 35 km/h

3 alarm 38 km/h

tilt back 40 km/h

I have about 700 km on 16X. all perfect.

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