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Gotway MSX 84v 1300wh as the first wheel?

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I have an opportunity to buy a Gotway MSX 1300wh with around 3k km on it for around USD1200. I weight around 160 pounds, so also wondering what sort of range I would get on that thing.

Would this be a good first wheel? So far I've only had Onewheel riding experience but want to try EUCs. Thought this forum would be a good starting point to ask this sort of question as a newbie.

Thanks in advance!

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An MSX would certainly be a great first (and forever) wheel. Great wheel, and should be quite easy to learn on it.

Range highly depends on your speed. 1300Wh should give you about 50-55km at between 30kph and 35kph.

I'm wondering if the price is a bit too high, but I might be wrong. There were some used 84V MSX 1600Wh going for around $1100 and up (if I remember correctly), but maybe with shipping and Canada, the price is justified? You could check the Private Sales forum for how much 1600Wh MSXes went and judge from there.

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11 hours ago, Unicycle Freedom said:

MSX is definitely great first euc for you. But the new one MSX 1600Wh just $1450usd, and you said that the used MSX 1300Wh cost $1200usd, is it too high? 


That's definitely too high- It sounds like the seller thinks they can upgrade themselves to one of the latest flagships for under $500 out of pocket, while unloading their old wheel on someone else in the process.

Even if it was pampered its entire life, that's at least the first 50 charge cycles on the battery and around a year of daily use; the tire has either been changed once, meaning the case has been dismantled and put back together after leaving the factory, or else you'll need to change it yourself, soon.

 I get about 3500km per tire before the grooves are gone. For a 3000km Msuper, I think $500 would be reasonable; that would be plenty to help someone upgrade/replace their main wheel. They don't hold value like cars, the money you get from selling one is a sort of consolation prize, not a chance to recoup your  investment. They recouped that investment several times over already in the miles they put on that wheel.

  I think some people massively over-value the re-sale value of their wheels because it's still worth a lot to them- it's not that they've depreciated in value to the owner, but to anyone else. Someone else's used wheel is too much of an unknown to pay 80% MSRP for. I wouldn't pay more than half price for a used wheel, especially not one with a thousand+ miles on it.

I've put >8500 km on my 84V MS3, and hope to get another couple thousand out of it - to me, it's still worth at least $1000, and I'd have to spend almost twice that to replace it. But I couldn't imagine asking more than a couple hundred bucks from someone else for it, when new wheels are just... new.

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