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  1. tudordewolf

    After i5, S5 is coming

    I was really excited about the s5 and I'm a bit skeptical... It's kinda wide; part of what I love about the i5 is how it's barely wider than its 1.5" tire. And if it's a dual stator design built into the shell in the style of the i5, then both sides are exposed instead of just one like on the i5. Also I don't like the lights. It's yet another step away from the subtle sleekness that made the i5 unique, it looks like an early-generation ninebot. I have a 200wh luffy and a 240wh i5, and I'd say they're in very similar "classes" in terms of range, hill-climb, top speed, and ease-of-carrying. The s5 should therefore compete with the mten3, and offer the same dramatically thin profile; otherwise it's a low-range, low-speed "mid-sized" unicycle in the age of the ACM2 and Kingsong S-series, with presumably exposed stators on both sides, and doesn't even capitalize on the thin profile that compromise enables.
  2. tudordewolf

    After i5, S5 is coming

    Looks like the S5 is coming? The IPS website has a picture and page for it, albeit very incomplete: https://ipselectricunicycle.com/s5/
  3. You could rig up a step-down converter to run off of the charging port - 67v to 12v. Drawing 1 amp off the charging port, it'd provide about 5 amps at 12V, enough to jump start a car after 5 minutes of charging the lead-acid battery. I got a converter rated for those voltages and 10 amps off aliexpress for about $15, about the size of a pack of cigarettes. You'd probably also want a $5 DC Volts and Amps display to use inline with the charger. Edit: I've thought about it a bit more. The output voltage on the converter is adjustable, so you'd set it just above the "dead" battery's voltage and adjust it to get the right current draw. Considering you can safely charge unmodified unicycles with up to 5A, you're probably fine drawing 2A off the port for 10 amps at 12 volts.
  4. tudordewolf

    Wanted Kingsong Standard Charger

    I'm in the united states; looks like I could ship to portugal for $25. I'd be happy with $20 for it, so, $45 total, but you can probably find it closer for less.
  5. tudordewolf

    Wanted Kingsong Standard Charger

    What voltage? I've got a standard 67v kingsong charger I'd sell.
  6. tudordewolf

    Best wheel to ride on snow

    An 18 x 2.125 (as opposed to the default 2.5) would sit lower on the rim, definitely. That wheel recently froze up (After 2500+ miles though!), it could become a project wheel for that.
  7. tudordewolf

    Best wheel to ride on snow

    I never actually rode it this way, but: Chain from slipknottraction They can accommodate custom sizes. It rubs the case a bit and would take some modifying to make work.
  8. tudordewolf

    Very disappointed with customer service

    Yeah, that's my experience with gotway. They're cheap, but once you buy it you're on your own. That's been worth it for me, but I'm lucky with a 4000+km Msuperv2 which only needed the axle nuts tightened.
  9. tudordewolf

    Dream Electric Unicycle

    If this kind of science interests you this much, you should study it in earnest. You're not going to get meaningful discussion or replies from this forum posting pseudoscience about supercapacitors, fuel cells, and "synthesizing fuel" - it all comes across as ideas you heard about once and vaguely grasp, but don't really understand, and don't understand the drawbacks of. You're designing your "dream electric unicycle" backwards, starting with all the specs you want at once, instead of realizing the limitations and abilities of modern technology and making compromises where necessary - you can't have speed, torque, lightweight, long-range, fuel-flexibility, pop-out stabilizer wheels, all at once... it's ridiculous. You can cook up whatever pipe dream unicycle you want, but it's like an airplane designed by a 5-year old - sure you can tell us all the great things about it, but none of it is realistic, practical, or useful to the discussion of unicycle development, as evidenced by the lack of replies to your many pages of nonsense.
  10. tudordewolf

    Gotway Msuper V2 bluetooth connection

    The very newest app doesn't seem to work with the msuper-v2. I use "wheelmetrics" to connect to mine, and this thread has more info. Also, congrats on the new wheel! I absolutely love my v2, I've been riding it for a year now and have ~2200 miles on it.
  11. tudordewolf

    Snow Chains!

    The weather is too nice to test them out right now... they go on and off pretty easily though, and tighten down snugly enough that I'm certain they won't come loose. I use a bit of masking tape to keep the ends on the wheel to get them through the shell.
  12. tudordewolf

    Snow Chains!

    Sorry about that, should work now.
  13. tudordewolf

    Snow Chains!

    I discovered a company called Slipnottraction that made snow chains for bike tires. I emailed them, asking if they'd make me a single in an unusual size. Thus: Caveats: barely clears the body, especially right around where the tire "enters" and "exits" the shell. Excuse the damaged handle, you can see the replacement i've attached; I haven't gotten around to cutting the old one completely off yet.
  14. tudordewolf

    Ever Buy Stuff That You Probably Don't Even Need?

    There's things I've bought and never used, as well as things I've found way more useful than I thought I would. I can't always know when I buy something exactly how useful it will be to me, but the occasional useless purchases are part of making the useful ones.
  15. tudordewolf

    Faster charging

    I created a y-harness with a volts/amps meter on it. I've been using it every other day or so for a few months now. Works great, exactly doubles the amperage. I can also use it with just one charger and see how many amps are flowing. Cost about $10 in parts, including a step-down converter because the volts/amps meter requires a power supply below 30 volts. Electrically, the chargers are just connected in parallel. The y-portion can be detached and the display is still useful to monitor the charging process even with just one charger. It's interesting to note that the chargers seem to put out slightly more amps than they're marked for; I get about 2.25 amps from a 1.75 amp charger, and 4.5 amps using two of them, and the kingsong charger marked 2A puts out close to 2.75. I'm pretty sure it's accurate because I calibrated it against two different multimeters. It only reads 3.9A in the picture because it's nearing a full battery.I wouldn't recommend 3 chargers because the wires inside the unicycles coming from the charge port aren't quite thick enough for 6+ amps.