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Upgrading the battery on a ks 14m


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7 hours ago, SaidWhatWhen said:

Ditto that question.  Did you every find a solution.  I have a KS -14C with a dead battery. So far I have tried ewheels, EUCO, batteriesplus.com, batteryspace.com, tenergy, Rose Batteries.  Nobody will touch this.

what the hell is a kingsong 14C? :P https://www.ewheels.com/product/14d-210wh-battery-pack/

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10 minutes ago, SaidWhatWhen said:

It's an OG uni -- dope!  No battery available, going to the uni hall of fame. B1168712161.jpg

oh geez, that thing is hideous no offense :P before my time, never even heard of it.... well no one on earth is gonna sell replacement parts for something that old anymore i would bet.... but whether or not you could swap out parts for something from a new model i have no clue without seeing the internals of that thing

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Batteries can be rebuilt. They can be disassembled and new cells installed. It’s quite a process and requires some specialized tools. After it all you still have an outdated wheel. If you really love your wheel, it’s worth it, I guess...

There are some threads on this forum with pictures and details. Use your favorite search engine, Duck Duck Go, etc. Type in “site:forum.electricunicycle.org XXXX”. Put in your search words where XXXX is. You’ll get better results from a search.


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