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  1. I have now purchased two Kingsong 14-C's from electricunicyclereviews.com over the last two years. Will, the owner, has been fantastic in answering my newbie questions, solving problems, and doing everything within his power to standby what he sells. No matter what the issue, Will always took the high road and made it right. Since we actually live not that far from each other, we took personal delivery of one of the uni's, and I was really happy to meet in person and swap stories. Very impressed and would definitely buy through him again. Also impressed by Will's "saftey-first" focus in the products he carries and the logic behind those brand choices. This industry is still young and I value a trusted adviser.
  2. I am interested in KS 14" 500W/340 wh. Can't seem to message you. How do I get a quote?
  3. Kale, My son is interested in buying an EU, especially interested in the 9bot. But before he pulls the trigger, it would be great to talk to an experienced rider about safety, learning curve and brands. There is info on the net, but it would be great to talk by phone to get some more detailed answers. We are down in San Jose, so the BA group would be interesting too. If you could message me we could exchange phone numbers (looks like your messaging is turned off).
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