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  1. The welding spark ignitors would work. Replacement sparkers could be mounted on springs mounted to the bottom of the pedals. The sparkers would hit the ground before the pedal and just fold under avoiding a fall. The spring-mounted sparkers would also make a noise alerting the rider, “sharp sparking turn”. Simply unscrew them when not needed. Like these: https://www.amazon.com/Lighters-Strikers-Oxy-Acetylene-Tech-Team/dp/B07NGR683G/ref=sr_1_13?crid=178K1UUER9MI8&dchild=1&keywords=welding+spark+lighter&qid=1597006163&sprefix=Welding+spark%2Caps%2C219&sr=8-13 I gue
  2. Batteries can be rebuilt. They can be disassembled and new cells installed. It’s quite a process and requires some specialized tools. After it all you still have an outdated wheel. If you really love your wheel, it’s worth it, I guess... There are some threads on this forum with pictures and details. Use your favorite search engine, Duck Duck Go, etc. Type in “site:forum.electricunicycle.org XXXX”. Put in your search words where XXXX is. You’ll get better results from a search. Cheers!
  3. This must be most discouraging for you, 262. When you disconnected the battery from the mainboard how long did you wait before you plugged it in again? The capacitors on the M/B need some time to discharge. Try unplugging the battery and leave it unplugged. Have a coffee, maybe. Then plug it in again. Good Luck!
  4. Now there’s a good idea! You have several extra slots for new wheels too! Well done!
  5. When I first saw the title of this post I flashed on some of those old western shows and movies where some cowboy jumps off a roof onto the back of his waiting horse. It seems that I may have inspired somebody to make a YouTube video. I hope they don’t get hurt!
  6. Professionally-fitted orthotics should be worn for only 20 minutes a day at first. During that time it feels like golf balls under your feet. This is normal. In time the feet get accustomed to the orthotic and you don’t notice them. Orthotics are designed to correct a foot issue, no pain, no gain. Orthotics will prevent conditions such as plantar fasciitis (sp?) which is very painful. I’ve seen videos of riders doing this as they ride. It makes sense to move the stress around to different muscle groups. It makes a better workout of it. I’m not there yet but I plan to be,
  7. I've been following this thread and I've been thinking about the posts from the forum members. Something strikes me about being banned. Riding an EUC may not happen at all if the EUC itself is banned. Back some years now Honda came up with the ATC. It was a little fat-tired three wheeler with a 90cc motor. If you're interested, check out the James Bond movie, "MoonRaker". That movie put ATCs out for the public to see. It made lots of sales for Honda! The four major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers started cranking them out. Then people started getting hurt and the 'ambulance chas
  8. When dealing with Law Enforcement it's always best to be respectful and don't come off with an attitude. Attitude will get you a citation. Always ride so you can ride another day!
  9. I’ve been using Sole Support orthotic insoles for many years. They were custom made for my feet. I remove the insole from my boots and shoes and insert the orthotic insole. I have high arches and these custom-fitted orthotics keep my feet happy. They are pricey, but the feet are the foundation for everything we do, every day. I tried some off-the-shelf orthotics and they didn’t work for me. Like many things, you get what you pay for... Always ride so you can ride another day
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