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Protection gear and Helmets (man and woman)

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick presentation of our protection gear, as we updated it recently, me and my wife now both wear a new EVOC armored vest, as well as full face helmets, wrist, knee and elbow guards.

Madame changed her helmet for a smaller one, as she cut her hair and lost quite a massive quantity!

A very recent addition to our helmets is also the Cardo freecom 2+ communication system (after having tested another one: SENA 3 system, didn't fill our needs), which, I have to say, is awesome! We can speak all along the ride as if we were face to face, and it is very useful for security, EUC world announcements, phone calls... it makes us enjoy the rides more, as we can share our thoughts at anytime.

Now some pictures:





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more pictures and our 2 MSXs :D

I also have to mention that we both have wrist mirrors and a finger bell to warn pedestrians and cycles of our arrival. We also wear leashes when we ride near to the water, wheels do fall in water sometimes...





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Hi. I live in Malta.  I have just bought a unicycle and have no safety equipment and no shops here seem to sell it. I would like to buy wristguard, knee and elbow guards and the wrist mirror sounds good. Where can I buy them. I'm guess closet place would be Europe somewhere 

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