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  1. Last month, I was driving on a path along the river. No one in front, I was cruising at 15 miles an hour. Suddenly, a Malinois shepherd dog appeared out of nowhere (actually from the hill I was driving along) and jumped on me. I saw him only when he was on me (Dogs really don't like EUCs). Impossible to control anything. I fell on my knees (my knee pads partially protected me) and the wheel was held back by the leash mentioned above. Thanks to the elastic part, everything went smoothly. The dog was ok too. This leash that I only wear around water just saved my wheel, without a doubt.
  2. In France this video was enough to change everything for the PEVs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srfiAOxbYHc It made a lot of noise in the media and drew the attention of the authorities to the PEVs. Later, a fatal accident on the motorway led to the introduction of a new and very strict regulation for electric scooters and EUCs. - 25km/h max (15mph) - insurance is mandatory (one for each wheel) but impossible to obtain for all wheels that can exceed this speed. In case of a police check, we risk €1500 and confiscation of the wheel - out-of-town driving ban Many neighbouring countries have simply banned PEVs. We've been lucky so far. Don't risk a ban in the U.S. !
  3. Yes, I know them, and they look very good. Unfortunately I never buy leather. I'm gonna have to wait for a textile version.
  4. more pictures and our 2 MSXs I also have to mention that we both have wrist mirrors and a finger bell to warn pedestrians and cycles of our arrival. We also wear leashes when we ride near to the water, wheels do fall in water sometimes...
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a quick presentation of our protection gear, as we updated it recently, me and my wife now both wear a new EVOC armored vest, as well as full face helmets, wrist, knee and elbow guards. Madame changed her helmet for a smaller one, as she cut her hair and lost quite a massive quantity! A very recent addition to our helmets is also the Cardo freecom 2+ communication system (after having tested another one: SENA 3 system, didn't fill our needs), which, I have to say, is awesome! We can speak all along the ride as if we were face to face, and it is very useful for security, EUC world announcements, phone calls... it makes us enjoy the rides more, as we can share our thoughts at anytime. Now some pictures:
  6. After losing a wheel in the water (it still hurts), now I use this every time I ride along a river: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thunderdog-Hands-Running-Walking-Reflective/dp/B07HM6RQGF
  7. I received mine from Intelligent walking with the great H666 tire :-) Everything else is the same.
  8. Nope. Same size and same grip
  9. I do. The only difference is the angle (a little more inclined)
  10. that's for sure. Consumption is increasing exponentially. Be careful with my results, it will be very different for you.
  11. here's an example of a very slow ride: https://euc.world/tour/582239157780273 I end up with 71% battery after 51km (31.7 miles). It should also be noted that I was riding (at this time) with a very high pressure (50 PSI). Now, even with my 28 PSI tire, and driving at an average of 15-19 mph, I can only exceed 40 miles easily.
  12. a silly story. Overconfidence and frozen feet. A small path along a canal, a maneuver to avoid pedestrians, a slip, loss of control and splash. then the tears...
  13. yes because it has no gyroscopic effect at all (I thought before that 5102 had none). You can really bend over by taking turns. The wheel doesn't stay vertical like with the 5102. This tire needs a little adaptation time of a few hours because you have to find the balance to stay straight. Off-road, I don't see much difference, though.
  14. Yep! according to the photos which are the same on the 2 stores, it is inevitably Greenway which mounts the new tire. Probably at the same time as the extra battery. And yes, it's a completely new wheel with that tire ! Much much better in my opinion (but the old one is great too).
  15. This is what the extension installed by greenway on an MSX 84v looks like. https://framapic.org/gallery#yhjfs99UHXWP/LQteeTAPFVXU.jpg,2PwJCUiao1sG/00FKa7IWcK46.jpg,SDktpskBJfNp/WCpP3YwPuSj5.jpg,9TELLwaePJ5w/P09rzPpcZ30G.jpg There's no soldering. Everything is connected via connectors identical to the original ones. (The pictures show burnt and oxidized connectors because these batteries have been in water for 3 days)
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