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Range of KS14D/S and KS16S ?


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Hi, I've started to learn on a One S2 during 1 week. I love that and I'd like to buy a KingSong (for various resaons, not another brand).

The KS14D-420Wh is tempting because I can get it for almost half the price of the KS16S-840Wh (the KS14S-840Wh beeing closer to the KS16S). But I'm worried about range and I'd be grateful to get a feedback about that in actual riding conditions, for those 3 wheels :

  1. KS14D-420Wh
  2. KS14S -840Wh (twice the KS14D I guess)
  3. KS16S -840Wh

I'm weight 85kg (185lbs), and would ride in a mostly flat city, max 25km/h - 15.5Mph.

Could you also please tell the battery percentage left along with the stated range ?

BTW, with latests firmwares, at what battery percentage does the speed drop ? I'm actuallly mostly interrested in the range before reaching this limit.

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I'm about your weight and have a 16S. If memory calls, I can go over 20 miles to a charge, maybe with 10% left from 100%. I think I'm being conservative with my estimates too. I will say the 16S has more battery than I normally need. The only place where it falls short distance wise is for those marathon group rides. My biggest gripe with the wheel is that 22 mph feels real slow real quick. Just trust me on that - I think if I just bought a Gotway Tesla I probably wouldn't have blown $2,500 on a Nikola Plus a few months further down the road. 

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Thanks for the feedback gr8ps. That's is pretty disapointing.

I guess that you ride at top speed (22mph) as much as you can, right ? At what level do you feel that the speed does decrease ? (like 40% or 30% battery left, or less)

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Ks 16s 840wh -I can get 47 kms but the last 10 -15 ks are severely throttled. I need to have the charger on just before riding it that far to get that distance.I,m 240 lbs s 6 ,2"

To maximize distance, charge it fully just before u go, put appropriate air in tyre and realize that battery percentage does NOT equate to distance able to be travelled!

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