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  1. I'm about to buy a KS16X. When I asked if it was latest batch, the shop (overseas) tells me that the wheel was from latest batch at the time it has been delivered to them by KingSong in september. At that time, 1.5 motherboards were installed in every KS16X, right ?
  2. Does anybody use 5A chargers such as those : https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000186245932.html ? Are they fine ? (I mean, for fast charging in the middle of a long ride, not overnight until full 84V) And is it OK to use one of these on one port, and the regular 1.5A on the second one ?
  3. I'm still hesitating between a V11 and a KS16X and this sealing thing matters to me. I can open a whele and apply sealant by myself if needed (and in case I buy a KS16X, I will). You mention "hot glue". What I want is a sealant that can be cleanly removed by pulling it, when needed. And this sealant should stand the temperature of the hot light. About hot-glue : wouldn't it melt again in higher temperatures ? And can really glue get pealed off easily and in a clean way ? What are the most appropriate sealants in your opinion (cleanly removable, OK with higher temperatures) ?
  4. As a cyclist, I've always strongly disliked suspension while I have to admit that a proper MTB is faster on MTB tracks than my gravel bike (especially for descent). There are many types of bikes. MTB didn't kill CX, and Gravel won't kill MTB. I guess that different kind of wheels will coexist as well, for our greater pleasure. I've yet to try a suspended EUC and I could be wrong if - unlike bikes - suspended is strictly superior in every aspect to a regular EUC.
  5. Thanks a lot. Very helpful. We read many things on the internet but sometimes lacking context, and sometimes overstated. Thus it can be difficult to evaluate relative claims from différent sources. I'm not so much worried about specific use cases of mine, anymore, and I now lean towards the V11.
  6. Thanks a lot @hal2000 and @Lieven for the input. Intitially, I was to upgrade my KS16S to a KS16X but I did further research as I've read that the KS16X was not as well waterproofed as other KS wheels. The V11 is very different but when you want 3" tire and 1500+Wh, don't like the Nikola design and need a convenient trolley handle, then the V11 pops up, even for people who, like me, strongly dislike suspension on bikes. Your "you still "feel" your ride" is very relevant to me. I'm just wondering, since you can compare with the KS16X... V11 is obviously superior to KS16X for wild and
  7. Too bad for the tire. Regarding the new MCM5, I hoped that it would be 2.5".
  8. I don't own a V11 but I think that a consensus is to apply to the top half of what's on the bottom (inflate bottom first). For the PSI of the bottom, aim a 3.5cm sag.
  9. If I had to evaluate each of my criterions separately, based on what I can read on this forum, am I close to the truth if I summarize like that ? Safety power margin at 40km/h (GPS) and 25% battery : V11=A / 16X=B Emergency brake : V11=C / 16X=B Convenience (urban commuter, shops) : V11=C / 16X=B Acceleration / Torque : V11=B / 16X=A Weather proofing : V11=A / 16X=C Comfort : V11=A / 16X=C DIY repairs : V11=D / 16X=B Then, I'll have to agregate criterions and balance with price. Note that if I take that and put points (A=4 ... E=1) then both wheel
  10. Spot on comment ! I go a lot into shops with my wheel : it is actually quite important to me. The 16X beeing more rugged (and roll.nz compliant) matters as well : I don't fall often at cruising speed but who knows... and I'm still in my learning curve (training to go backwards, de-lateralize feet ...) and my wheel still sometimes falls. This leads to another issue, BTW : I cannot find spare parts for the V11 : what if I need to replace something ? The point is that I ride mostly in a dense city with many uneven streets (but not so many deep potholes) and with many other vehicules/pedestr
  11. @CairnsBee Of course, riding on a wet surface is very different than riding on a non-slippery road, and implies great care. What I fear is actually a cut-off due to a malfunction caused by water. Anything else, I would consider as my fault and as the inherent dangers of riding on only one wheel.
  12. @xiiijojjo A hypothetic Tesla V3 with 1500 (and why not a 3" tire) would be perfect : but isn't it just a better Nikola ;-) ... a Teskola V1 ? Have there been any annoucement (with a date) about a Tesla V3, or is it only personnal speculation ? @CairnsBee Any attempt in the rain or at least on wet asphalt/large puddles with the KS16X ? As an everyday commuter, I don't choose the weather and I'd prefer to avoid backpack protections.
  13. No 18XL because I want a 3" tire (so as to ride low pressure while keeping a lower risk of flat). After decades of biking in my city, it turns out that the larger the tires, the better. And I use my wheel for everything, everywhere, very often with the trolley. After careful evaluation, the way a GW behaves with the trolley (living somehow its own life) makes it much less error forgiving and more "dangerous" in closed spaces such as small shops with fragile goods. I think that I'm clearly not the "target" of GW, except for the Tesla but too small battery. The Nikola, I find if properly a
  14. The fragility you mention : is it the saddle plastic things issue, that will be fixed in batch 3, or is it something else, more structural ? I've read about the V11 beeing very difficult to emergency stop due to the pedals remaining very flat, forbidding to properly lean backwards. Do V11 users confirm ? I would use the wheel in a dense city and emergency braking can prove useful.
  15. Hi, I'm a daily commuter, all weather. I mostly ride in dense and semi-dense city (Paris and suburbs). I have learned on a KS16S and I now want to upgrade for a wheel with approx 1500+Wh and a 3" tire. I was leaning towards the KS16X until I've read all the comments here about bad weather sealing. The V11 wasn't in my short list, at first because as a cyclist, I've always strongly disliked suspension (but I've been told here that despite its suspension, the V11 lets you feel the ground). The RS was on my short list at first but after careful thinking and provided my way of life, the troll
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