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  1. gr8ps

    MTen3 Arrived

    I learned on the Luffy, the cheaper cousin to the Mten3. I think the small size made things a lot harder than it needed to be, I almost gave up.
  2. Read the video description for this video.
  3. Based on @zenleetech's recent video on the matter, it seems they caught 4 of the perps, including the one with the gun.
  4. The nuclear option would be to lock the OG video thread and pin it for posterity.
  5. If you are talking about the V shaped metal it acts as a shock absorber and lets me sit higher so I don't have to bend my knees as much. If you talking about the black stuff on the hose clamps, that's tape to cover up the metal edges so I don't get sliced up.
  6. I’ve purchased this: https://www.guardianangeldevices.com Pretty steep at $99 but it seemed to tick all the boxes. I’ve purchased some cheap amazon lights but have regretted it. Figured I’d buy once and buy right.
  7. I try not to think about what can happen if a EUC fire happens - the dubious quality assurance these wheels go through makes me uneasy sometimes. I got a timer on my power strip that charges the wheels and rarely charge any of my wheels to 100% - only for the occasional balancing. I suspect there will be more of these reports as PEVs become more popular.
  8. Buying via AliExpress: from what I gather, it's not so bad so long as the wheel works initially and you are fine with next to no after-sale support. EUC World - from what I understand, it is compatible with most Gotway and Kingsong wheels, the Tesla should be fine. Remember that EUC World is an android only application. I don't see any reason why buying from AliExpress would affect your ability to connect to a Gotway wheel. Sometimes there are issues with Kingsong where the wheel forgets the serial number. A lot of your other questions are unique to you. From what I gather, the rules and consequences for riding EUCs are more severe in Europe compared to the US. I find the stock charger more than sufficient for my riding but I don't go on long rides and my batteries hold more range than I can comfortably ride in a day. Best of luck to you, I would recommend getting the Tesla. I started with a Kingsong 16S and I think if I started with a Gotway Tesla, I may not have felt the need to go out and buy a Nikola Plus, which cost an additional $2,500.
  9. So my boss just called me and let me know that someone in her daughter's building had maybe six EUCs and some of them caught fire. The building is locked down - the firefighters had to put the machine in a vat of liquid and she said it blew up in the liquid. I know this is pretty second hand and it could have been an e-board or hoverboard or something. Edit: I did some research and it looks like it was a scooter fire:
  10. Happy to contribute - even though I'm an iPhone user, maybe one day?
  11. A little beep is a whole lot less obnoxious than the startup tune. I don't get the Chinese manufacturers sometimes - who in their right mind thinks an ear splitting startup tune is a good idea. Everytime I start it up in my garage, I think I lose a little bit of hearing. I'm lazy so I won't open up my wheel unless I have to but when that occurs, I'm disconnecting that speaker.
  12. Do the older 16S's get this update as well? I'm stuck on 1.09, neither Darknessbot or the Kingsong app is showing an update.
  13. Could I trouble you for a picture of it?
  14. Yes, it would be on the handle part because I want to still be able to trolley it around. I don't have any experience with 3D printing - would the printed plastics be robust enough to survive the stresses involved?
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