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  1. Let's not resort to name calling. I never said you supported it and I'm glad you don't. I used quotes to support my initial sarcastic statement: Maybe the IDGAF attitude? I'm done with this thread.
  2. How is it twisting? I called out what I saw to be unnecessarily risky behavior in that old thread. I saw Tishawn and others blow through stop signs, red lights, and cross walks with pedestrians crossing. I'm not sure if it was that specific video but I distinctly remembering him purposely going directly towards a woman walking away from him and then veering away to the left on purpose. It stuck with me because I thought it was unnecessarily risky to the pedestrian who has no decision in the matter and very self-centered behavior. The responses I got from you and other NYC riders was that it was normal in NYC. Essentially what I got out of it was your opinion doesn't matter on this unless you live here and I left it at that. The narrative you say I'm supporting by twisting the prior thread is me stating that maybe that sort of risky behavior is the norm, either amongst NYC e-riders or New Yorkers in general. I supported that statement by quoting what you and other NYC riders have said in the past when called out for what others perceive as bad behavior. I don't see how that is twisting anything. I didn't agree with the riding style in NYC then but I chalked it up to what you said, I just didn't get it. I know I ride differently downtown San Diego compared to the less urban areas. Maybe NYC was at a different level. Now this recent behavior of NYC riders, with beat downs in the middle of the street, freeway riding, purposely trying to cut-out a 60lb wheel in a street with cars parked to the side that the wheel could crash into while a pedestrian crossing, speeding in pathways and buzzing right by families with kids ... way to egregious. The interesting thing was that @Jediah Matthew (U-stride) wasn't always like this, or at least he hid it well. I used to be a big fan, a long-time subscriber,watched almost all his uploads that have a topic and even watched him ride to buy a bottle of ketchup. He spoke about shenanigans, not ruining it for others, responsible riding, and all that. I felt he had a good message and was a good ambassador. It happened slowly but he devolved into what we are seeing now. I hope this serves as a wake-up call to him and maybe other NYC riders to tone down their behavior some and to not impose risks on others that haven't signed up for it.
  3. I'm gonna edit that comment and add the /sarcasm tag. These are the comments I got when I called out the NYC riders a few years ago. Now with @Hsiang saying what he is saying, it's pretty clear that this is a common theme. Maybe it is a cultural norm amongst NYC riders, or New Yorkers in general. However, some of the comments I'm reading calling out the behavior is from NYC riders themselves. The thread started in reddit seems to be from a local. In one of the youtube videos in the comments, the uploader David, calls out @Jediah Matthew (the infamous U-stride) for being unsafe, riding close to kids, etc. Even other NYC riders don't like U-stride to ride near them - in one of his videos he states that the e-riders asked him to follow at a distance because he caused a crash(es?) because of following too close. Regardless, I don't think these recent events have been a good look for the community. I'm unsubscribing and cutting off my measly Patreon. I don't want these sorts of videos to be the first exposure people get to this hobby. Sorry - this event triggered me. Maybe all this COVID stuff has made me irritable.
  4. ? It was sarcasm on my part. I've called out the NYC riders before. What I got out of it is that NYC is special and rules don't apply to them.
  5. I unsubscribed from U-stride. I went through his replies and didn't realize he was such an utter douchebag. His replies are pissing me off. I'm glad wrongway and @Duf are calling out his bad behavior in the comments.
  6. /sarcasm - the below is my poor attempt at sarcasm. Have you guys ever ridden in NYC? You don't understand. You have to be aggressive, all the cars and cabs are out to get you. No one follows traffic signals, everyone runs reds. Until you've lived in the city, you can't have an opinion. Go back to riding in your suburbs with perfect roads. That's my guess what the responses are going to be.
  7. I think it depends. If you are riding near cutout speeds then it will be worthwhile to charge to 100%. Any additional charge/discharge cycles you get by partially charging your battery will be outweighed by damage to you and your wheel when it cuts out. I'm a casual rider with just the occasional need for speed. I usually stay below 30 mph and my wheel can do probably around 40 mph with a full battery. I use a power outlet timer to try and get the battery between 80% and 90%. I will charge to 100% maybe 3 or 4 times a year for the long rides and to balance the batteries. If I rode more frequently I would balance it more frequently but with <1,000 miles on the wheel since the last 2.5 years, I'm a low mileage kind of guy.
  8. We used to have group rides in San Diego every month or two before COVID19, also the regular organizer @Flyboy10 is out-of-commission at the moment. Once you get a little more proficient at riding and we get a handle on the COVID situation, you should consider joining. We are on facebook and Flyboy10 has a youtube page.
  9. gr8ps


    Went for a quick ride on my Gotway.
  10. I'm about your weight and have a 16S. If memory calls, I can go over 20 miles to a charge, maybe with 10% left from 100%. I think I'm being conservative with my estimates too. I will say the 16S has more battery than I normally need. The only place where it falls short distance wise is for those marathon group rides. My biggest gripe with the wheel is that 22 mph feels real slow real quick. Just trust me on that - I think if I just bought a Gotway Tesla I probably wouldn't have blown $2,500 on a Nikola Plus a few months further down the road.
  11. You have to use EUC World. I'm an iPhone/Darkness bot user myself and it doesn't offer the 2.0 firmware. I had to use a friends android phone and download EUC Word to update the Kingsong. It's worth the trouble for the lack of whine alone.
  12. gr8ps

    MTen3 Arrived

    I learned on the Luffy, the cheaper cousin to the Mten3. I think the small size made things a lot harder than it needed to be, I almost gave up.
  13. Read the video description for this video.
  14. Based on @zenleetech's recent video on the matter, it seems they caught 4 of the perps, including the one with the gun.
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