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  1. We are still active. We have been on a number of group rides, check out @Flyboy10's Youtube channel. We use Whatsapp to communicate, I can add you if you'd like.
  2. I'm in agreement with LanghamP. If one can fill out a form and waive society's duty to care for you and just let you die if you ever take a bad spill and end up in a coma/life threatening position, then okay. Reality is if this ever happens he will use up societal resources caring for a preventable injury. Insured or not, they won't just let him die on the streets. Costs will be incurred and if not insured, born by society in the form of raised medical costs for everyone else. Even if he is insured, he may not have the resources to fully discharge his debt, with medical bills being the single largest source of bankruptcies even among the insured. That said - I don't care about strangers enough to lecture them about wearing helmets. At least we can get some good organs out of them.
  3. 100v Nikola in the wild. A buddy took this pic in NYC I believe - is this you @houseofjob
  4. I'm a little dramatic when a 30+ mph wheel has a bug in it that could throw me into traffic. I don't fanboy over wheel brands. I'm glad to see it has been resolved but the rollout of both the 16X and the Nikola has not been good. I will never, ever, purchase a wheel until it has been out a few months. It has been the proverbial sh!t show with these two wheels.
  5. This sounds like an excuse to me trying to downplay the issue with the 16X. If it can happen to Kuji, it can happen to anyone. A wheel with this sort of behavior should never have shipped in the first place.
  6. Show me the man and I'll show you the crime. I'm not doing anything illegal to my knowledge anyways. Now are there some embarrassing, potentially career harming messages on my phone? Maybe. People have become way to flippant about privacy. Once it's gone, it's hard to claw back.
  7. Congrats on learning on what I consider to be one of the hardest wheels to learn on, the other being the Luffy which is the much cheaper, lower powered version of the Mten3. I learned on the Luffy and I almost gave up. In retrospect, the short height of it and the inability to securely brace it against your legs made learning to ride so much more difficult.
  8. I’m gonna have to disagree on that. Based on what I’ve read, this is a process issue and as a result, the issue will be systemic across most Nikolas.
  9. I don’t like speedyfeets position on the whole MOSFET issue. He didn’t even mention the issue in his video and based on his comments he will only worry about it if it effects him personally. I think it’s an irresponsible stance to have if you are going to make a review people are relying on for purchasing decisions.
  10. @Flyboy10 Thanks for making another great video. Fun ride, great workout. Hope that's scabbing over nicely.
  11. Heh, that could very well be why I don't think tilt-backs are a big deal then. I get regular tilt backs all the time due to riding the beep, those aren't a big deal. I get what I perceive are violent ones when I accelerate too aggressively. What happens in these cases is that the pedal dips forward more than usual and rotates back in a short amount of time, less than half a second. Come to think of it, it's probably because I ride in intermediate mode because I like some squishiness when I brake.
  12. Go check out facebook. I met a dude from Hillcrest who was on an EUC and he says he rides with the SD onewheel group all the time.
  13. Yep - I don't gun it when I'm going top speed. It happens to me at low speeds when I lean forward to accelerate to catch up to someone, also, the acceleration part is pretty fun. I always have a full face helmet on and wrist guards at a minimum. I think I'm a safe/conservative rider, typically. I just need a little more than what the 16S can give now.
  14. I've experienced the violent tilt back many times. For me, the tilt forward when I aggressively lean in is a lot scarier than the tilt-back - I have a split second where I fear that the wheel won't be able to keep me upright and the tilt-back almost comes as a relief that it didn't. When it tilts back, the wheel doesn't really shoot ahead of me, I just rotate my ankle backwards.
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