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Brand New Member - Question please beeping 2017 Tesla

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Hello, sorry if I am not posting this in the right place...brand new to EUC and purchased. 2017 V1 Tesla. It has 5000 miles however owner took good care of it, I am using the Darkenss Bot App. The issue I am havimg is once I hit 16-17 mph I get the continuous beeps which I think  means the motor is stressed or maxed out? This unit should max our at 33mph so I am not sure why it is beeping at this speed, very annoying...

I can’t find a fix on the app but might me missing it? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you. 

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Thanks for the help. I updated the newest version of IOS and reinstalled the app and that fixed the issue. 

Today is my second day on a EUC, I am hooked! Went 17 miles today, ever age speed 13, top speed 27, my feet are killing me....



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