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Is the battery in a 14S or 16S swappable with a 18S


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I'm the new lucky owner of the complete  Kingsong S series as of today getting a 100mile 1yr old KS14S for a ridiculous sweet deal that I just couldn't pass up.


So my 840wh pack on my 18s (the top one that is in a rectangle configuration with 16s4p (2columns of 8s4p),  had a parallel pack go to 0v. (i think it's because i rarely charged to 100% and when i did, i wouldn't let it balance for a few hours, nothing on the smartcharger documentation or ewheels site told me to)

and I'm pretty sure i shorted something on the BMS as i let a magnet drop on it and saw a spark.

  So my easiest option i would think would be to swap out one of these packs from the 14s or 16s and see if it will connect nicely, but im not sure what the battery config looks like and if it has all the same connectors. If i can extend the range of my 18s a bit while decreasing the other ones, i'd do it in a heartbeat (assuming the 14s and 16s come in two batteries joined in parallel)

It might be slightly cheaper if i buy a spot welder and fix it up, but kinda fearful of my stupidity even though i've watched god knows how many videos of other ppl building batteries.

Also ive heard decent thigns about these 3 companies that repair batteries but I can't imagine it being less than $200-$250 after paying for shipping and labor and the bms (when my 14s costs $300)








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I *think* the
14M uses (1) 16S-1P 210Wh pack? 800W motor
14D uses (2) 16S-1P 210Wh packs? 800W motor
14S uses (1 or 2) 16S-2P 420Wh packs? 800W motor
16S uses (1 or 2) 16S-2P 420Wh packs? 1200W motor
18S uses (1 or 2) 16S-4P 840Wh packs? 1500W motor

I would *guess* since one 420Wh pack can power the 16S 1200W motor it should be able to power a 1500W motor. Pushing it hard might overheat the battery.


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thanks for commenting

the 18s 840wh version  uses two 420wh packs on the side just like a 14S/16S 840wh version, BUT  the shapes are different so those are not swappable

but the top pack of the 18s-1680wh version  adds a 840wh pack.

the question is if a 420wh pack from the 14s/16s can be taken out and shoved in that crevice.  it's half the size of a 840wh pack so im sure it'll fit.  And  The connectors look the same mt60. I just don't want to burn anything down if it's not supposed to go in there hence my paranoia.

Jason from ewheels said he wouldn't help as he's not supporting the 18s anymore and i asked two ladies from kingsong, each of which gave opposite answers (yes u can and no u can't)

apparently i'm the first person i could find on these forums and on facebook groups to think about this.

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23 minutes ago, someguy152 said:

Jason from ewheels said he wouldn't help as he's not supporting the 18s anymore

That sucks given he still sells them (as of his web page on 04/16/2020).

I wish I knew more...

One thing I did notice is for the cost of replacement batteries, one can usually add $350 (or so) and buy a comparable new EUC. (Jason's list price on the 18S seems high, since newly introduced EUCs with a 2000W+ motor and 1600Wh battery are slightly more.)

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yea batteries are ridiculous.  that's why i was so happy finding a 100mile ks14s for $300, i had to buy it with hopes that i could use one of the 420wh packs and plug it into my 18s.  I almost bought another 14s brand new for 350 that same week (but it escalated to $450 in the last minute....still a good value for 2 "brand new" batteries that have been sitting around for 2 to 3 yrs hopefully at 50% SoC)

Im thinking every once in a while he'll sell his old stock  on ebay and do a bidding type thing. i feel like ive seen a seller by the name of ewheels do that.

the person who was selling the brand new 14s a few weeks ago from florida is currently auctioning off a brand new KS16XS, which i found very intereesting.

im also confused why some wheels have not decreased in price, but ewheels is very busy so that might be why

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