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(Melbourne, Australia) Gotway MSX 84v *PRICE LOWERED*


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Hey all. Putting out feelers for interest in my Gotway MSX 84v. I've had it for 6 months at this point but I'm looking for an upgrade. I dunno how to upload pics but if you're interested we can figure that out. Asking 2150 aud for it but willing to negotiate. Some minor scuffs but functions flawlessly otherwise. 

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so you kept the Z10, what roll does it play now if have the MSX 84 ?

you buy new MSX 84 ?

the things reviewers dont like about the Z10 is actually some of the positives i like.. e.g IP54 waterproof rating , the wide stable tyre, the torque and the centre of gravity.


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I bought the last MSX in stock!

I still ride the Z10 all the time. The MSX is for longer rides and a higher top speed. I do love the stability of the Z10, though. The wide tyre suits me better off-road as well. I'll probably sell one of them in the next few months because I really don't need two wheels. PM me if you're interested at all.

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On 2/16/2020 at 3:39 AM, ZenGlide said:

Unsure yet, man. I'm definitely a speed rider, so something with a bit more top speed than my MSX but more torque than my 100v Monster.

It seem like you need a Sherman!

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