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  1. Hey guys! I'm fully leaning into selling my KS16x with 350km done. It's only a few months old and works perfectly, never had a crash or a cut out. I can provide pictures via text message on request. I can ship it interstate but buyer pays shipping. Asking $2350 before shipping with a little wiggle room for negotiation. Cheers!
  2. I'm tentatively considering selling my 16x for an upgrade. It's done around 500km and is around 4 or 5 months old, still functions wonderfully and is a great wheel for beginners and vets alike. Amazing utility wheel and a great long range cruiser. Asking 2500 AUD but willing to negotiate.
  3. Are we allowing Onewheels to join in or EUC exclusive?
  4. There is a Melbourne EUC riders page now though
  5. If you're keen, I'm sure we can work something out. Last time I shipped a wheel, it wasn't too bad, and the wheel was way heavier than the MSX.
  6. 84v tops out around 50kmh safe speed. But just knowing I can push a wheel faster is kinda comforting.
  7. Damn, sorry man, I didn't realise you were the one who commented on my ad.
  8. Hey man, I'm based in Melbourne, I have a Gotway MSX 84v I'm selling, not a beginner wheel by any means, but can be speed restricted and the wide tire is a lot more stable for learning on (I learned on a Z10). Totally understand if it's not what you're after but putting it out there.
  9. Unsure yet, man. I'm definitely a speed rider, so something with a bit more top speed than my MSX but more torque than my 100v Monster.
  10. Hey all. Putting out feelers for interest in my Gotway MSX 84v. I've had it for 6 months at this point but I'm looking for an upgrade. I dunno how to upload pics but if you're interested we can figure that out. Asking 2150 aud for it but willing to negotiate. Some minor scuffs but functions flawlessly otherwise.
  11. Uh..I think so. That was happening before, when I thought it was just pausing, it paused green about halfway down (50ish% battery) so..yes, that makes sense. I'll double check the music situation after work and report back 👍
  12. Both. I've experimented with different speeds, total stop etc, still does it. I do use music but it does it whether I'm playing music or not. Also, I dunno how to upload vids/pics here...
  13. Hey guys, I've had my 16x for a while and sometimes I attempt to use the color LEDs for fun or visibility but mine don't work properly, they do their thing (rotate, blink etc) for maybe 10 seconds then they either pause indefinitely or stop entirely? Can anyone provide insight?
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