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  1. I decided to go with the 16x. 😁 So keen!!!
  2. There may be a post about this already, in fact, I'd be surprised if there wasn't, but my searches turned nothing up. Can people with extensive experience with a few different wheels offer their take on the feel of different wheels, i.e. how they ride, how they handle off road, are they twitchy, torque-y etc. Might be a good guide for people choosing new wheels and possibly newbies to the scene.
  3. From what I hear, people are still able to easily get to 45km/h on the 16x, which is generally MORE than enough for me. I kinda just want the Monster so I know I CAN go faster if I wanted 😋
  4. That was a good read. And many points are reasons I'm really considering the KS16x. I love the idea of a smaller, nimble, fast enough wheel that's stable and changes feel at speed but I've heard the same of the Monster. Definitely pulling to the 16x side more now though
  5. So, opportunity has finally arisen to allow my third wheel purchase. But I can't decide between the Kingsong 16x and the Gotway Monster v3. I have a z10 and an MSX rn and I'm looking for a slightly different ride, I feel like the 16x would handle similar to the MSX while the monsters larger heavier size would feel more rugged. Insight Anyone?
  6. So, I have two amazing wheels I got very close together, my first ever wheel, the z10 and more recently, the Msuper X 84v. Both wheels are so much fun in their own ways, but I'm left in a quandary....my next acquisition, which, while not immediate, I want to consider anyway...because I'm an addict...who enables his addiction. So! I ask you wonderful fellow addicts/enthusiasts...what next? I'm considering four wheels currently, some more than others for different reasons. 1) Gotway Tesla V2 - the thought process being, I don't yet have a 16 inch "normal" wheel, the Tesla would be a good commuter/cruiser/daily rider wheel packed with all the performance I could want, but that's fallen down my list when considering the... 2) Gotway MCM5 - I feel this would be an even greater daily rider than the Tesla; smaller, lighter, marginally cheaper, with the nimble nature of a 14 inch wheel but almost feels like a 16 inch (according to SpeedyFeet) but still hella powerful, and it might be a fresher, more different ride than a 16 inch when compared to what I have currently. 3) Gotway Nikola+ - Honestly erring on the side of no about the Nikola, even though I've heard it's a powerhouse, I'm not overly keen on the design, but if anyone can give me some good arguments for it, I'll certainly consider it. And that brings us, finally, to.. 4) Gotway Monster v3 - I know it's by no means the commuter I spoke of earlier, but in between the wild back and forths in my head, I wonder if both the Ninebot and the MSX, along with my Onewheel XR are good enough commuters, and if I should just go right to the top and get the current best of the best. Not much else to reason really, it's fast, the mileage is nuts and the black v3 looks cooler in my eyes than the purple, red or blue shells of the v2. Help me! And have a lovely day.
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