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  1. https://www.gyroriderz.com/products/gants-gyroriderz-avec-proteges-poignets-integres-2-0?lang=en These seem pretty popular, mate.
  2. The Z10 is great and I love taking it off road, but it's hardly portable. I think my next one will probably be the Mten3 from E-Riderz. I'm also interested in the secondhand prices if you don't mind, Steve.
  3. Hahaha. I just picked up my first wheel a few weeks ago. It's not quite time for me to add a second yet. I'm curious about the price of secondhand V8s in Australia though.
  4. Why not just pick a new one up from here? https://e-riderz.com.au/product/gotway-mten3-electric-unicycle
  5. Great. I'm not home at the moment but I'll PM you when I am.
  6. Is this wheel sold? I'd be happy to buy it immediately if it's still available. I'm in Australia.
  7. Thanks Mortal! A friend of mine visits them all the time and has suggested I come with him for a test drive. I reckon I will!
  8. All good man. I'd totally consider an MSX, but you're a bit far away. Shipping would kill the deal for me I reckon.
  9. Damn, dude. Don't MSXs have a top speed around 55km/h? That's pretty quick!
  10. What kind of an upgrade are you looking at? I'm just a curious newbie.
  11. My budget is flexible. I'm looking at a new 16s from a few places, but would like to hear from anybody local who's selling. Newcastle based, but can travel. Thanks everybody.
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