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  1. The beaches of Newcastle, Australia.
  2. Day two with the 360 cam. Got some sweet Aussie suburban action.
  3. My first time out with a 360 cam. Cruising along the river in Newcastle, Australia.
  4. I've tried so many types of goggles since I started wheeling, and none of them sit over my glasses comfortably.
  5. I bought the last MSX in stock! I still ride the Z10 all the time. The MSX is for longer rides and a higher top speed. I do love the stability of the Z10, though. The wide tyre suits me better off-road as well. I'll probably sell one of them in the next few months because I really don't need two wheels. PM me if you're interested at all.
  6. I have an MSX and a Z10 now. They're both great choices.
  7. My Z10 still looks amazing! My MSX with a black Roll.nz cover on it is also really attractive.
  8. My trip around Newcastle, Australia last week. Mate of mine on my Z10, and me on my new 84v MSX.
  9. The Pebble connects to your phone, so you need both with you. I'm afraid my help ends here. Sorry, mate.
  10. I'm using an old Pebble. They're discontinued now but EUC World works perfectly on them. I just removed the bands, stuck some velcro to the back and now it attaches to my wrist guard. It's pretty awesome!
  11. Hsiang, I love your content, but the poster you're quoting was obviously referring to the EUC community, not the wider world. They're not saying it should be on the news, especially not with everything else that's going on at the moment, they're saying that the EUC community should be calling out this stuff. They're right, too.
  12. I'm a total outsider here, and my view largely parallels Marty's. The NYC guys just come across in a completely different way than the other channels I watch. Also, I feel like that kind of crazy riding in close proximity to families and children would get the riders an absolute belting just about anywhere here in Australia.
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