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  1. Really, that is encouraging. I am trying to fireware my Z10 with the ninebot tool but can't get the last key (serial number) to forward to Alex.
  2. you have any issues with the ninebot tool? have downloaded the ninebot tool, but cant get the 4 th "old sn" key to complete the unlock process. MRN 76 has said probably the password need to be removed. i dont have any set.
  3. very good timing then. as soon as i can work out PM definitely
  4. so you kept the Z10, what roll does it play now if have the MSX 84 ? you buy new MSX 84 ? the things reviewers dont like about the Z10 is actually some of the positives i like.. e.g IP54 waterproof rating , the wide stable tyre, the torque and the centre of gravity.
  5. considered your Z10 , was close but didnt know enough at the time to be confident in the choice. the more i you tube and read up , i have found self drawn to the MSX.
  6. with new release of 2020 wheels from veteran / gotway / kingsong where are you at with your interest to get a different wheel ? same position as first post early feb ?
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