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Can you identify this controller?


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Instead of looks, you might want to search with the scooter brand and model name. Different electric motors might require very different parameters from the controller software, so the controller probably has to be the exact one, not just one that looks identical.

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21 minutes ago, euc said:

If the PCB is the same, it should be fine.

I wouldn’t trust this view, unless you have detailed engineering information on BLDC motors. It’s common for Chinese manufacturers of all businesses to use a generic PCB to fit their own non-generic schematics and non-generic software.

Just looking at EUCs, even an seemingly identical controller from the same manufacturer may not work with the wheel, like is the case with the latest KS18XL. Or Gotway, where the layout changes constantly quite a bit, but it still usually works for the same wheel model.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that you might be better off if you searched based on the model name instead.

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