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Gotway Tesla for sale uk


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A nearly new Gotway Tesla! Bought from Speedyfeet in may/June 2019. 

fabulous wheel, with a top speed of 32 mph, and a range of about 45 miles with an average rider.
Wheel has only done about 50 miles! 
location north west. 


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Sold item
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22 hours ago, Earl said:

Still for sale.

Just seen this.

I'm glad you updated the thread to say the wheel was still for sale before having the decency to tell me that the deal we agreed on was off because you 'changed your mind' :angry:

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Ok!! I was going to drive about 230 miles out of my way!!  To London! As you are in said London! And pop in and see a friend in Camden area! Unfortunately they where away, Also another wheel came up for sale in the middle of of this!! Yeah!! Bingo it’s also in London!  
so decided to get a return train to Euston! I messaged you!  Saying I will get the train down to Euston station!  But no!!!  You said that doesn’t work for you!! 😳😳😳
so fuck it!!!  Why should I use my time and my expenses to bring it all the way down! 230 miles out of my way!!  

so that’s pretty much it mate!!  Sorry again!!  So that’s why.  Oh! And its sold. 

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The point was you didnt tell me any of that until after we had already agreed the deal and after I chased you asking when you were coming.

Where I come from people don't go back on their word. And certainly not without telling them, as I prefer to wake up with my kneecaps where I left them.

And I said I was in Essex, not London.

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I don’t have to tell you fuck all,  Simples!!  Ok the London area!!!  I get it! It’s a big place and a pain,  So if you can’t make London city! Then why should I bother.  I had a small window of opportunity! As I was off work before my operation,
but you had a little moan over me going into Euston train station.  That put me off!! 

Where I come from people don't go back on their word.  

Get real mate!!  It’s called life.  


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