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Flasher bracket and shell for KS-16X

Kristof MrDiy

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Good morning, everyone.

First of all, I wish you all the very best for the year 2020.

Following a puncture and various tire tests, I had to dismantle my KS-16X several times.

Unfortunately, I broke the flasher holder at the metal inserts.

I've already seen this part for sale on the net, the worry, but I can't remember where?

If someone knows the part number or knows where I can find it and order it, I'll be the happiest man in the world.

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I had the same problem with mine and decided to design and 3D print a replacement. I salvaged the original brass inserts and pressed them I to my printed bracket with a soldering iron. Works perfectly.  If you still need the part, I can get you the stl file so you can print your own. My design does not have the spring tabs for mounting the LED brake lights--I only needed the front bracket. However, it might be possible to use my part for the rear bracket if you are willing to attach the LED board with some foam double-sided tape, or adhesive. Let me know it you want me to post the file. Cheers.

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Hello @Kristof MrDiy and @Jeff Earl!

Like you guys I have a a few of these broken, and I can't find where to purchase them anymore nowadays as they're not in stock at eunicycles anymore.

I'll also try to model replacement to 3D print, with full functionality. In case I succeed then I'll publish them on Thingiverse!

@Jeff Earl did the one you made hold well so far?
I wonder if you ended redesigning them beefed up, and which material you chose to print with initially. I'm thinking about trying in PLA first.

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Hey, There is a model for this on thingiverse.

However, this design has some design issues and it makes use of 2x m3 nuts.
The m3 nuts are slightly annoying because you have to pause the print to insert them.

I fixed the model and also changed the design to accept Ruthex M3 inserts.
There is also a stronger bracket included for the side without LED bar.

You can find it here:
I printed them in PETG

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New link for my altered model
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