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  1. @Mike Paolini Thanks for your excellent reporting on this wheel! I'm curious about the severity of the lingering 15 degree tilt-back issue. Is it extremely violent and disruptive, or is it something you can learn to ride out until it rights itself? I'm familiar with the typical over speed tilt-back on the Inmotion wheels, and although it can sometimes catch you off guard, I've never felt that it introduces a stability issue for me. Do you think the KS16X RTP (random tilt phenomenon) similar, or more pronounced?
  2. @eddiemoy Congrats on the successful tire swap. Good to know that the CST rubber is compatible with the 16X despite the rumors to the contrary. I, for one, would love to know how easy or challenging the disassembly process was. Were you able to reattach the screw-concealing padding without too much marring? Did the internal build quality seem up to snuff? I'm weeks away from my delivery, but I anticipate taking mine apart to see what's what pretty early on. Any and all tips/suggestions are appreciated.
  3. Dang! Sorry I can't join the fun--I have to head upstate to retrieve a kid from summer camp. Have a blast, and wheel safe everyone.
  4. Dang it! Now I'm gonna have to rig up an old-school "boss key" to toggle porn so my wife doesn't get wise. BTW Does anyone know if Febreze suppresses that "new wheel smell"?
  5. Yup. Just like NORAD tracks Santa. Truth be told, mine is destined for the cargo ship--I'm too cheap to pay the speed tax. If there was a way to track the ship in real-time, I'd definitely be glued to some screen 24x7. Especially with that fierce looking @Rehab1 squall bearing down...
  6. I think the recent notoriety around Gotway’s missteps have taken some of the heat (pun intended} off of Kingsong. Thanks to the fine work of folks like @Marty Backe and @Phil McLaughlin evaluating the Nikola; Kingsong has been able to avoid the immediate spotlight. But it does look like KS has been trying to up their MOSFET game with the 16x by doubling the device count and selecting potentially improved components. I presume that increasing the MOSFET count should reduce the per-component thermal/current load--increasing performance margins and longevity. Their marketing materials also boast of "imported" TO-247 MOSFETs. I’m not sure how to interpret Imported other than to assume they are not generic Chinesium parts. Perhaps they are being sourced from a Japanese or US manufacturer. I was hoping for some high-res photos showing the part numbers, but it appears that they are sandwiched between the board and the heat-sink. Is this a good idea? Seems like it might be challenging to ensure even contact between the components and the heat-sink without stressing the board or the device leads??? Maybe not... I guess we will know soon enough if these design decisions prove themselves in the field once the 16x makes it out in the world. I, for one, have my fingers crossed.
  7. I think what we need to do is to start a grass roots movement to get Elon Musk interested in EUCs. In addition to industry leading battery technology, Tesla has some interesting patent applications on robust communication systems for BMS control modules. This could be just the ticket for multi-pack EUC battery monitoring/maintenance. Or... We just need an enterprising EUC maker to license (a.k.a "borrow") the tech.
  8. Wow. Didn't know I was opening such a can of worms. Thanks for sharing the wealth of knowledge on the topic, everyone. I feel better knowing that the basic BMS safeguards are standard fare for all Kingsong wheels. While it would be great to have a comprehensive, genius-level SmartBMS; at the end of the day, I'm most concerned with safety and robustness. If wiring dozens of sense wires and communication buses across multiple packs increases complexity and the opportunity for failure, I can probably sleep well without knowing the voltage on each individual cell. But it would be cool...
  9. The 16X spec sheet on the Kingsong website clearly describes a BMS capability: "Smart BMS with balance, over charge, over current and short-circuit protection". I'm hopeful that this makes it into the production version. I feel it's an important safety feature as long as it's engineered and implemented properly. Perhaps @US69 or @Jason McNeil can validate if a real BMS is expected to be included in the final package (along with angled footplates, CST tire, 12 MOSFETs, etc. )
  10. Bummer. I'm afraid I can only stomach two of the three requirements. And using Facebook isn't one of them.
  11. @houseofjob I'm planning to come out for the 16X demo tomorrow. The weather forecast is looking Ok so far. Incidentally, I can't RSVP on the E-Riders site due to my lack of an active FB account. I sure hope this won't preclude me from participating...
  12. Bummer. Does that mean I have to reactivate my Facebook account? I may just have to wait until I get the real thing...
  13. Ahem... back towards the topic at hand. Does anyone know if there will be a public opportunity to view the 16x when it makes its way through NYC? I’d love to catch a glimpse of it in person. I’m trying to reserve judgement until I actually see/experience the machine. Full disclosure: 1) I have a deposit for one with @Jason Mcneil at eWheels 2) My heart sank a bit when I saw some of the initial (seemingly unflattering) photos that have been circulating 3) My only wheel experience to date has been ~700mi on an Inmotion V8; I’ve yet to declare my allegiance to Kingsong or Gotway How can I sign up to see the demo unit first-hand?
  14. Good to know. My vote for the black matte with dark gray side panels stands. Hope the inevitable delays are minimal--I'm jonesing for my next wheel.
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