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Coleman CT200U-EXR Mini Bike


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For Christmas I got my 12 year old this bike. It has a top speed of around 22 mph and we just returned from a 7 mile EUC/Mini bike ride, it was awesome! My son as never had a motorbike and it was fun riding down our country roads and exploring. I was riding my MSX and I am sure we looked like quite the couple. I got a couple of WTF as people road by and I think that most people couldn't imagine that I could keep up with him on a little unicycle thing...At least that is what their faces looked like to me!

mini bike.jpg

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That's fun stuff right there for sure.  My first love is motorcycles, I've had waaay too many to count and keep at least 3 at all times, both on road and off, I think all youngsters should get experienced on motorcycles, but that's just me.  BTW, if you ever get a chance to ride an electric motorcycle, jump on it, way way fun (and quiet)!!

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