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  1. @winterwheel You sir are amazing. I live in the Vancouver, BC area and we have a light dusting of snow today so I am back in my car. One excuse that I have however is that I don't want to potentially damage my shiny new Tesla (only wheel) so that is my main reason. I am so tempted to try it out when I see people like you though...
  2. Yes I saw in your profile that you had a KS16S now so I figured that is what you must have done. I agree that both are very comparable and yours is most likely tougher and perhaps requires less maintenance than my Tesla.
  3. I think you are a wise man for appreciating the blessing that your wife can be. I know I could do a better job of showing my appreciation to my own wife. Some flowers may be in order...
  4. That is sooo cool. Motorcycles have always been my first love as well and I have only recently been inducted into the world of EUC's. I will always have a soft spot for motorcycles though.
  5. @mike_bike_kiteI was also looking at both the KS16S and the Tesla V2. I went with the Tesla and have been very happy. The reason I opted for the Tesla is the performance difference (which is not huge but significant) that the Tesla has over the KS and the price was virtually the same. I have only dropped it once, on my first day test ride when I was trying to mount a curb from a weird angle. The main thing that can get damaged is the center strip from front to back. I was considering putting some bumper foam on there to protect it, but now that I have already rashed it up a little bit I don't
  6. @alcatraz I am a brand new EUC rider and I just bought myself a Tesla V2 from Aliexpress. This thing is amazing and I haven't even gone above 35kph (that's where my beep is set) yet but i know it can do so very comfortably. I love this thing and am very happy with my choice. I feel like I can use this for a long time and enjoy it every day.
  7. Anyone see any good helmet sales out there today for boxing day?
  8. Hello all, I am in the market for a helmet that does not fog up my glasses when I am riding (my motorcycle helmet does). I read through a fair bit of this forum and have seen some good options but I wanted to get your opinion on this on, anyone know anything about it? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CBTMPBK/ref=emc_b_5_t?th=1&psc=1
  9. That is horrible man, im so sorry! I also was wondering about whether that would be a viable thing to do but this tells me otherwise...
  10. Right on man! Are you liking it? My Tesla arrived on Thursday. I love it sooo much! It is amazing compared to the Ninebot one. So stable! Unfortunately I dropped it the first time I used it though, which is why there are scratches on the pedals. What riding mode do you guys ride on? I cant decide if I like soft or hard, but I know I don't like medium. Also I feel like the pedals lean farther forward than I would like while riding fast. Has anyone else had this sensation? Do I need to calibrate the wheel again (I already did once).
  11. @Rywokast Could you share the info or links to this new version you are talking about?
  12. It's funny, I am a new rider and i am just getting started!
  13. Interesting discussion here, thanks all who participated. I am thinking that I will be getting into street riding as soon as I feel confident on my new Tesla but will still frequent sidewalks of course. That was my hope as sidewalk riding does not really excite me all that much. I suppose I have watched way too many of Chooch's videos... Almost all of the roads in my area are 50km/hr zones so hopefully I will not slow drivers down too much. While I hope they build more bike lanes (especially protected ones) in my area I can see the dangers that they seem to pose. I hope to not gain too much a
  14. Hey all, i'm a new rider who is excited to join you all in this new world of EUC's. I just ordered my first wheel, a Tesla V2 and am currently practicing on a rented Ninebot One E. I live in a smaller city (in Canada, just outside of Vancouver) that does not have almost any dedicated bike paths and so my question is: Should I be riding on the road mostly or on the sidewalks (for fun i have added a poll as well)? Currently I am pretty much exclusively riding on sidewalks as I am severely speed limited, but once I get the Tesla I am curious as to what the general practice is for all of you exper
  15. Well I pulled the trigger... I will hopefully soon be a proud EUC owner! Thanks for your help everyone! Now to buy safety gear... lol
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