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Tesla as 2nd wheel


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I'm currently looking for my 2nd wheel. My favoured wheels are the KS16S, the V10F and the Tesla V2. I now believe the V10F is just too cumbersome for the city environment I live in which means I have a simpler choice. The KS16S is probably my best bet as I do drop my wheel every now and then and the KS is supposed to be almost indestructible. I just wanted to ask owners of the Tesla V2 how it stood up to moderate crashes. Also how often do you need to maintain it ie tighten axel nuts etc? Are the foot pedals suitable for size 10 feet? And finally Is there a rear light at all for night time riding?

I also hear they're producing a new version shortly, does anyone have any details?

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@mike_bike_kiteI was also looking at both the KS16S and the Tesla V2. I went with the Tesla and have been very happy. The reason I opted for the Tesla is the performance difference (which is not huge but significant) that the Tesla has over the KS and the price was virtually the same. I have only dropped it once, on my first day test ride when I was trying to mount a curb from a weird angle. The main thing that can get damaged is the center strip from front to back. I was considering putting some bumper foam on there to protect it, but now that I have already rashed it up a little bit I don't think I will as it would make it look less nice. I don't think I would have dropped it if I did the same thing again today as I have gotten much better at using it. I have only been using EUC's for 2 months but like others have pointed out, after a certain amount of time, the frequency of your drops/accidents should hopefully drop considerably. I got most of my accidents out while riding a borrowed Ninebot One.


So all that said I am very happy I made the choice I did as I think I would have gotten tired of the KS quicker (Based on the speed limitations). I have not yet tightened an axel nut and have not heard about this being an issue. I did hear about a new version of something Tesla-like coming out. I did not wait as I am sure that with a new product will come a new price tag and that would have put it out of my price range. I think there is another thread around that talks about the rumors of the new EUC that could be coming but I don't have the link to it offhand.

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