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For Sale or *RENT*, KS14C, Washington DC area


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This wheel has been my daily driver for the past 2.5 years. Various scratches but overall it's in good shape.  This wheel has been super reliable and I've never done anything other than put air in the tires. At this point, some of the cells on the battery pack are getting weak so it won't charge to 100%. I've been riding it this way without problems for several months, I just tend to keep it fully charged rather than running it down past 50% for safety's sake. It's possible to replace the pack but given the price I decided to buy a newer model.

Anyway, I'm looking to sell this wheel outright for $300 along with a stand, the standard 2-amp charger, a 4-amp quick charger, and a Charge Doctor to let you see the actual voltage and current charging level. The 4A charger and CD alone are $100 so it's a pretty good deal for a working wheel.

If you prefer, rent the wheel for $20 a week. Pay $300 up front, either cash or Venmo. Keep the wheel and chargers for as long as you want to try it out and/or use it for learning. Bring it back without it being cracked in half or smashed up and you get $300 minus $20 for each week you kept it. I don't care about scratches and obviously the battery is going bad so you don't take the blame if that goes out.



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